Mission ‘Food For All’ started by Global Peace Foundation



JAMMU: Ever since the Pandemic of COVID-19 hit the world collapsing major economies of the world which led to the grave crisis of poverty, hunger and loss of livelihood more particularly in developing and underdeveloped countries.
Despite all efforts by the governments, it couldn’t meet the requirements and handle the crisis of the people due to sudden outbreak of the fatal virus.
In the midst of this world health emergency various philanthropic organisation including many NGOs came to the rescue of the people who fed and gave succour to the poor people.
Global Peace Foundation, a Jammu and Kashmir based NGO has been working tirelessly from the day one of the lockdown to provide food, shelter, ambulances, hygiene kits to the poor and slum dwellers and to the migrant workers who were left jobless and without survival due to sudden lockdown.
The foundation has so far reached more than three thousand families with food and clothing in and after the lockdown.
The foundation distributed winter cloths and menstrual hygiene kits to the needy after the sudden dip in the temperature owing to winter season.
The volunteers of the foundation provide meals and blankets to the road side homeless people and beggars on city squares.
The foundation has recently begun the programme “Food for All” to reach every soul who couldn’t afford the two square meals especially the children and toddlers in slum and ghettos in the region.
The volunteers pack the food and clothing and fan out around the city and rural areas round the clock.


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