Misriwala residents resent Govt’s decision regarding time-limit for replacing damaged transformers


JAMMU: The residents of Misriwala have expressed resentment over Govt’s decision to replace damaged transformers with 8 hours in urban areas and 48 hours in rural areas. During a meeting of residents held leadership of Kulwant Singh, the participants said that such discriminatory decision must be revoked immediately. “Requirements of people from rural areas are not less important than that of those residing in urban areas. Residents of rural areas are also human being and need basic amenities such as electricity and water etc,” they added.
While speaking on the occasion, Madan Lal Narad, Social-activist said that it has always been observed that development of rural areas is ignored. Such attitude of people at helm of affairs is encouraged migration of people from villages towards cities and small towns, thereby putting extra burden on available resources meant for urban areas,” he added.
Others who attended the meeting included Ankit Sharma, Subjeet Singh, Joginder Singh Panch, Rohit Verma, Saneep Verma, Mohan Singh, Chuni Lal Sharma, Vishaldeep and Jaswinder.