Mir extends gratitude to people for ensuring victory of AP candidates in DDC elections



SRINAGAR: Apni Party Senior Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir on Saturday extended gratitude to the people especially of Tangmarg and Kunzer constituencies who ensured the win of Apni Party candidates in the recently concluded DDC elections. Mir who visited many areas of Kunzer and Tangmarag constituencies to have a direct interaction and express gratitude to the people and the Party functionaries on Party’s win, observed that the DDC elections were unfortunately overlapped with political issues by some political parties for their electoral gains. “We have won these elections purely on developmental agenda as our Party does not believe in hollow and misleading slogans. I take this opportunity to urge our DDC members from Tangmarg and Kunzer besides our other victorious candidates of the Party to work tirelessly for the public welfare,” Mir remarked.
During his visit, the Apni Party senior vice president was flanked by the party leaders and DDC members from Tangmarg and Kunzer Advocate Mir Tajamul Ishfaq and Nazir Ahmad Sheikh. The people garlanded Mir and received him warmly in both the constituencies.
The Apni Party senior vice president observed that the DDC elections have completed the third tier of Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat Raj Act which means the establishment of a grassroots level democratic set for an overall development of the people.
“There were certain vested interests who never wanted decentralization of powers and were happy in keeping the people politically disempowered. But times have changed and the people have now shown that they have a deep urge and commitment for democratic process aimed at their empowerment,” he added. Mir said that the Apni Party is committed to fulfill its promises like restoration of Statehood and protection of peoples’ rights on their land and jobs in Jammu and Kashmir.
“No stone will be left unturned to achieve these goals. We are thankful to the People of J&K who have reposed their trust and confidence in our agenda and commitment towards public welfare,” Mir averred.


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