Mindful meditation


Nowadays, everyone is talking about doing meditation in this pandemic, but very few people know what is meditation?
Meditation is all about being in balance. It’s about being in present. We, human beings, are always thinking about past, where we can’t do things that have happened, or else we think about future, where we don’t know what will happen. It’s totally uncertain. But surely, we can have a wonderful present. By enjoying the moment we are a part of. Our mind swings like pendulum. Sometimes about things happened and sometimes about what will happen next. In this process we ignore our today. Meditation is all about being in today and enjoying present. Our mind is so much cluttered with unwanted and unnecessary thoughts which take away space of good thoughts, and this unnecessary burden wrecks havoc on our mind.
We stress our mind with so many thoughts that wear n tear goes to extreme and then we start getting mental n physical health issues, and the never ending journey starts of doctors, medicine, therapy. Little do we understand that our mind needs break from this over-thinking. We pile up all sort of emotions in our mind, without realising that the capacity is less and the pressure we are adding is much more. To slow down the process of excessive thinking and mental pressure, meditation comes to our rescue.
But there are a lot of myths about meditation. To make things more clear let me explain you in an easy way.
After each thought our mind produce, it takes a self break. This period is called as thoughtlessness.
We have our thoughts going on one after another, the more we try to calm ourselves and increase this period of thoughtlessness between two thoughts, there is when the process of Meditation takes place.
Knowingly and unknowingly our mind takes break between thoughts and the nerves are relaxed and when they are relaxed they work more efficiently and the results are shown thru our productivity.
Earlier, we used to always feel lethargic and overburdened with thoughts, but when the thoughtlessness increase, it gives better mind set, clarity in thinking, relaxed mind, positivity, happiness, cheerfulness, concentration, good physical health and much more health benefits beyond comparison. We just need to silence our mind and our mind starts the healing within.
With meditation you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, detoxified, heartfulness and tranquility. If you meditate for few minutes daily you will witness that your body and all its functions are activated and you will feel energized for whole day.
The best example here I can give is of a mobile phone. Due to opening of a lot of apps, our mobile gets hanged so we need to clear mobile phone.
Same way, when we put our attention to too many things, our mind gets overworked and tired due to which we need to clear our mind from unwanted thoughts, feeling, emotions and Meditation is the best way to do it.