Men who carry hope & life in steel alloys, aluminium



JAMMU: At a time, the dark clouds of COVID 19 are hovering over the country, there are many who are braving all odds to serve the society and stand firm for their duty. One such noble soul is Vijay Kumar, a small-time worker in an Oxygen Factory in Bari Brahmana working overtime to fill the oxygen cylinders is a silver lining.
As the queues of cylinders pile up for re-fill and supply to the hospitals, Vijay along with three of his colleagues are working in the night shift to meet the target. When asked about his job he smiled and said that when one sees the patients struggling to get oxygen, he feels it is his duty to contribute in his own small way to save the lives.
He said that he is now living mostly within the factory premises along with other workers and adequate care is being taken to ensure their safety by making provisions for kits and sanitizers. While recalling his family who lives in Ramnagar, Vijay hoped that his family is safe and keeping good health, adding that when he is filling the oxygen cylinders, he prays that no one from any family lose his or her battle from the virus.
He said that it is our duty to ensure that the requirement of different Hospitals is met on time and for that losing a little sleep is no big deal. Nation will always remain indebted to these unsung, unknown warriors like Vijay for standing firm for the cause of humanity, welfare and selfless service to fellow countrymen.