Mehta seeks BCCI’s intervention for rectifying ‘so-called dispute’



JAMMU: Welcoming judgment of J&K High Court regarding JKCA, Sudershan Mehta, former Honorary Joint Secretary JKCA has urged Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to depute a legal team for rectifying a ‘so-called dispute’ and conduct of JKCA election in tune with the Supreme Court approved Constitution at the earliest.
In a letter addressed to the President, Secretary and Treasurer BCCI, Sudershan Mehta extended congratulations to BCCI from party members of M.A No. 4762 wherein Ravinder Singh (Sr. Working Committee Member JKCA) was the petitioner through Parveen Kapahi, Sr Advocate and Modern Cricket Club Jammu, Shastri Cricket Club Jammu, Friends Cricket Club Jammu and International Cricket Club Jammu for acceptance of its stand by High Court Srinagar. The letter further reads, “In the judgment at Serial No. 22, the High Court has disposed of the appeal/writ petitions with directions to oust the Administrators, CEO and Ombudsman from JKCA with the discontinuation of Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations, framed by the COA of JKCA; while directing BCCI to ensure that the constitution of JKCA is in tune with BCCI constitution approved by the Supreme Court of India dated 09/08/2018 and at par with other affiliated associates from various States and Union Territories of country.”
“It is pertinent to mention here that the Chief Judicial Magistrate Srinagar issued direction to the then President JKCA to conduct election of office bearers of JKCA where after the President JKCA fixed 12/05/2014 as the election date at The Lalit Hotel Srinagar vide notice dated 29/04/2014. The President JKCA, in the election notice dated 29/04/2014, asked affiliated clubs to send their nominations by 09/05/2014 while 3 disputed clubs were asked to send their nominations by 07/05/2014 so as to get legal opinion on matter before getting House in Order & published duly signed List of Working Committee Members on 11/05/2014. In the meanwhile, the CJM court at Srinagar passed an order on 09/05/2014 and appointed a retired Sessions Court Judge as the Observer for Election of JKCA on 12/05/2014 with the direction to report the findings to court, who submitted his report along with the list of the elected office bearers in the Court on 16/05/2014. At that time I was elected as the Honorary Joint Secretary and my colleague, Rakesh Kumar, was elected as the Vice Chairman. On the intervention of then Chief Minister of J&K, Late Mufti Mohd Sayeed, the elections of JKCA were held on 20/07/2015 wherein the Divisional Commissioner Kashmir was deputed as the observer and once again, I was elected as the Honorary Joint Secretary and my colleague, Rakesh Kumar was elected as the Vice Chairman while Iqbal Shah was elected as the General Secretary of JKCA for the first time,” he asserted.
Mehta further said that on 19/07/2016, the election meeting was held peacefully at Jammu in which, Prem Thakur, the BCCI observer was also present. “We did not contested election on 19/07/2016 but participated as Working Committee Members. The agenda of the Last Working Committee meeting of JKCA held on 18/09/2016 at Srinagar was appointment of Selectors and to constitute various committees. The nominees of 4 clubs above mentioned above were provided air tickets in advance to attend Working Committee Meeting at Srinagar and were selected in various JKCA committees, namely Anil Khajuria in Finance Committee; Ravinder Singh in Disciplinary Committee; Parveen Kapahi in Legal Committee and myself (Sudershan Mehta) in Technical Committee while Vivek Sharma was appointed as Ranji Trophy Selector. At that time, all the nominees of above mentioned 4 clubs left in a hurry for Jammu by-road due to terror Attack at Uri.”
“Later, Iqbal Shah, the then General Secretary JKCA, was caught in a Police raid at Hotel Silver Star, Srinagar in a gambling act and fined in CJM Court Srinagar which is mentioned in the judgement by Justice Aradhe of High Court Srinagar dated 13/10/2017. It is pertinent to mention here that at the time of election of office bearers of JKCA on 19/07/2016, there existed no dispute in clubs affiliated with JKCA, but all of a sudden, 12 clubs affiliated with JKCA were projected as disputed clubs by Iqbal Shah, the then General Secretary, without any basis or Court order, and created bogus votes with an intention to continue to stay in the office of General Secretary JKCA. Now, the ousted Ombudsman of JKCA while exercising his power without any checks and balances, mentioned in Judgment that ‘JKCA to dealt with and treat club/society/entity under JKCAs MOA and RR of 2018, at par with other existing members/district member club(s).’ It is entirely illegal and sole matter of contention of Writ Petition in the High Court,” he alleged.
Mehta further urged BCCI is requested to depute a legal team to rectify ‘so called dispute’ besides conducting of election of JKCA in tune with Supreme Court approved Constitution at the earliest.