May be it is time to order administrative audit of J&K H&ME Department with special terms of reference

  • Delay regarding installation of 37 OGPs ordered in Oct 2020 too has to be looked into

A UNI despatch of 17-05-2021 reported Financial Commissioner, J&K Health and Medical Education Department, Atal Dulloo having said “We were receiving reports that senior doctors were not going to wards.” Similar reference was also made in September 2020 in media.
Same day Atal Dulloo Financial Commissioner, H&ME had also addressed a letter under number PS/HME/2021/FC/07-COVID Care /2021 dated 17-05-2021 to Principal Medical College Jammu expressing serious concern about the lapses in looking after the COVID patients admitted in Medical College hospitals. The text of the letter though brief but has much there in to be read between the lines for the Lieutenant Governor/UT Administrative Council/ Advisor(B) to take notice of and seriously find answers to the questions that reflect from. The letter addressed to Principal MCJ reads:
1.<“as you are aware that mortality rate in COVID positive patients has increased and there is a need for reducing the same which requires immediate corrective measures.”
Question: Has mortality rate of COVID patients increased due to lapses on part of the treating doctors ?

  1. <“It is desirable that the senior Faculty members of the concerned departments of your institution be directed to increase their presence by making frequent rounds of wards, where the COVID positive patients are admitted, so that such patients are properly looked after and treated, which will help to in reducing the mortality also,”>
    Question: Do the senior Faculty members of treating departments of JMC do not as a routine visit even the ‘serious’COVID positive patients ?
    Is the mortality high since patients are not being properly looked after since even serious patients have been left to the junior doctors only ?
    Question: Was the Principal Medical College not knowing that Sr.Doctors have not made their self part of the duty roster even for serious patients in their Units ?
    Question: In case Principal was aware then why did she not take timely corrective measures FC at her own level to save ‘many’ precious lives that could be otherwise saved?
    Question: Or she ‘lacked’ authority to get the corrections like making Sr.Faculty members to work as 24×7 floor leaders with the junior doctors for treating atleast Level- II & Level-I COVID-19 patients who could any time slip into serious complications ?
    Question: Could a large number of lives have been saved over one and half month period prior to 17-05-2021 had the team of the doctors of MCJ Jammu performed worth requirements ? Is it a failure on the part of Principal GMC or the chair of Principal lacked the needed administrative authority?
    Question: And in case the ‘she’ had the Authority then what was the need for the FC H&ME Department to write such directive/ ‘authority’ letter to the Principal?
    In this context it is worth mentioning here letter dated 12-09-2020 ( quoted thrn in medio too ) addressed by Prof. (Dr) Nasib Chand Digra,the then Principal Medical Jammu to J&K LG Manoj Kumar Sinha alleging that the Administrative Department H&ME appeared encroaching upon his authorities and scheme of operations wherein he had gone to the extent of even suggesting his taking voluntary retirement : < “Sir, I am compelled to put it on record that there are few extra-institutional officials, one or two HoDs and few faculty members who are bypassing the departmental hierarchy and approaching the administrative department in technical, professional and administrative matters. Such interferences into the Internal working of the GMC Principal shall create huge space for anarchy, indiscipline and further demeaning of the office of PMC Jammu. This shall further create a space for employees of GMC Jammu to create nuisance and get scot free from the administrative department by way of using all sorts of ways / means to influence the higher office. ………,,,In view of this, if my services are not being liked by any bodyI offer to get voluntary retirement from the Service.”> It was also learnt that Dr. Dogra also written a letter to FC H&ME same day for assigning of charge of HoD Surgery theSr.Prof. in Surgery. It has been learnt that even after 8 months of that Charge of HoD surgery is still held by a Professor from other department well within the knowledge of Adm. Deptt.
    So another question is “Have the conditions improved or are the same as were there in 2020?”. And in case it so then may be the Present Principal is also finding difficulty in taking the Sr. Doctors on active duty roster for attending the serious patients as that of COVID due to ‘erosion’ of authority in Principal’s Chair or Authority is resting in Administrative Department H&ME and ‘just’ responsibility is resting in Principal JMC/ Director Health Services. To be continued
    (Daya Sagar, is a seniorjournalist and analyst of J&K Affairs, can be reached at [email protected]).