Manohar hits out at BJP Govt over land law, seeks restoration of statehood



JAMMU: Former Minister & President DCC Kathua Dr Manohar Lal Sharma on Monday hits out at Modi led Central Govt over new land and sought restoration of statehood to J&K.
Addressing a press conference at Jammu, Manohar said that on 26th October 2020 BJP led Govt abolished the many year-old Land rights given to the J&K state by its fore fathers and lead by Maharaja Hari Singh during accession of JK with India. It is important to note that current ruling party is playing with the sentiments of the JK people and making mockery of its citizen on day to day basis. On one day they say that they will preserve Land and Job rights and on the other they turn their back by passing rules like the one passed today. Once again, they have showed that they only care about how to fulfill their agenda of crony capitalism and their friends sitting in Mumbai and Gujrat.
“We strongly commend the passing of this land reform laws and demand that these laws are the slap in the face of people of Jammu and Kashmir and should be rolled back with immediate effect and land and job security to our citizens, should be given within the new laws” Manohar said.
Manohar further said that instead of giving jobs to our children and creating more infrastructure, better roads, better health care and more opportunities for the youth of the state, all BJP is interested in doing is listening to their friends and doing crony capitalism and killing small and medium business owners.
“Post abrogation all we got in the name of development is Toll Plaza, 2G and now these new laws. One can easily understand how well this government thinks about the welfare of the people of JK” Manohar stated.
Statehood of Jammu and Kashmir should be restored with full protection of Job and land rights. Demotion of JK from State to UT is widely criticized on National and Social platforms. Such bizarre incident has never happened or even thought before by any government in the past. We demand that JK should be immediately given the status of State from UT and govt should also admit that they have done a mistake and should render written apology to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Other issues which were highlighted by him were regularization of daily Wagers working in different government departments under SRO-64, Unemployment rate in Jammu and Kashmir; change in job laws, rise in terrorism and cease fire violations.


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