India is threatened by coronavirus and hundreds of the precious lives are consumed by the invisible enemy daily and there seems no respite from the monster of the deadly virus. We as a nation have not been able to control and combat the natural calamity. It seems that we have not learnt much from the past experience and we continue to fall prey to the pandemic. Government and opposition political parties do not work together to fight back the virus. When the nation is threatened by the disease our political parties and the government work at a variance and do not work in co-ordination and tandem. Government is working hard to control the virus and faulty planning comes in the course of fighting the disease. It is very unfortunate and shameful that the political parties are politicising the coronavirus unmindful of its effects and are trying to make political points by criticising the government. Not only the political parties are working at a variance but the central and state governments are working in different directions and the result is that we are not able to fight back disease jointly and the people continue to fall prey to the virus. People are also taking virus lightly and do not follow the standing operating procedures. Besides the general public do not co-operate with the government in its fight with the COVID-19. There is utmost need to work together and fight the monster so that it will not devour lives of the people anymore. Consensus and co-operation are the watchwords which will help us to control and manage the disease. The faulty planning is one of the reasons that we continue to be killed by the deadly virus. The central government has decided and announced that people in the age group of 18 to 45 years should be given vaccine. This is a good decision but this is not implemented on the ground because of the lack of the required number of the vaccines. Thus it has become a mockery of the system. States fail to get the required number of the vaccines and are thus handicapped to implement hundred percent vaccinations to the targeted population. The national capital also fails to get the needed number of the vaccines and therefore we have not been able to vaccinate the targeted age group. The lack of the vaccines and the second doze also is an impediment in the vaccination. The central government should provide the required number of the vaccines to the various states and union territories to meet the needs. The centre government should allow more companies to produce the vaccines. The governments of the centre and states should also dispel the misinformation that the vaccines have strong side effects. This can be done by awareness and information campaigns launched through print and electronic media. Government should convene the meeting of the chief ministers of all the states and LGs of the union territories on the issue of corona virus to form a joint strategy to fight the disease. Also the centre government should convene a meeting of all the political parties to arrive at the common strategy of fighting the virus. As on now, we have failed to jointly fight the pandemic and the results are before us to see. We are fighting the second wave of the deadly virus and the third wave is staring us in the face and we are not ready to face the third wave which is more deadly. All planning should be made in advance to fight the third wave when it will invade the nation and it should not take us unawares. We are grappling with the second wave of the disease and the million dollar question is how much we are prepared to fight and control the third wave of the pandemic. At present we are faced with a situation where there is shortage of the vaccines which badly affects our plans to vaccinate the targeted age group. Besides there is acute shortage of the life saving injections and medicines. The crisis is further compounded by fact that the much required oxygen is very scarce in the country and day in and day out hundreds of the COVID positive patients die because of the lack of the oxygen and ventilators. It is a dichotomy that we are living in the 21st century but fail to fight with the disease. It follows that we have no control on the nature and the nature plays spoil sport. The centre government has exported six and a half crore vaccines to foreign countries and this has created scarcity of the vaccines in the country. Now the centre government should give licence to many companies to produce the vaccines. There is rush of the people at the vaccination centres and this also has affected the health of the people. Anyway the centre government, state governments, opposition parties and the people must work in unison to fight the disease, manage the medical and national crises.