Make your mornings ‘Better’ with vedic routine


Our Vedas are packed with deep-rooted knowledge, helping people to understand their body and mind. Ancient Indian sages deeply understood energies that people need, foods that are healthy for their body & mind and weather patterns that impact them.
According to these Vedic scholars, there is a unique connection between ‘nature and the structure of the human body. They stressed on creating firm morning regimens for a healthy and peaceful life. They called it ‘Dincharya’, the daily routine.
Anyone who adheres to this routine would stay fit despite changes in weather patterns.
The Ideal Morning Routine
•Wake up before sunrise. Stay in bed for a while for stretching; unwind slowly to tune into the rhythms of your mind and body.
•After waking up, take a few deep breaths. Sit still and slowly straighten the spine.
•Drink water, if possible, from a copper vessel. It helps in hydrating the tissues and to flush down the toxins that may have accumulated overnight.
•Perform your day-to-day morning activities including oral care. Clean your tongue well as it is the only way to remove unnecessary toxins from your mouth and also improve the sensitivity of the taste buds.
•Splash your face and eyes with cold water. It will freshen up your facial muscles instantly and wake you up completely.
•Take out some time to Practice Yoga & Pranayama every morning. Practicing yoga brings inner balance and harmony.
•Find a quiet, ventilated area at home and practice the super-healthy sun salutation to the best of your ability.
•Offer your prayers, worship God with an engaged heart and mind. Express your gratitude to God for the new day and seek blessings for a pious day ahead.
•Start your day by reading a shloka from your favorite scripture or with some positive affirmations.
Stick to the Vedic Dincharya
Try to follow this routine every day. In the beginning, this ‘Vedic Dincharya’ may seem difficult and time-consuming, but with daily practice it will seem a lot easier and enjoyable. The morning routine will empower you to take control of your physical and emotional states. It will also channel your subtle energies and keep you away from negativity.
Thus, when it comes to mornings, return to the Vedic era and stick to the Vedic daily routine. These rituals have the potential to build a life of best possible wellness that will purify, detoxify, and nurture your body, mind and soul.
Dr Archika Didi