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Make Public Transport More Comfortable

Jammu City has expanded out of proportion in the last four-five decades but the public transport remained archaic with matadors mostly running on the same routes which were once covered by the Tongas and then Tempos, which one can still find at places situated on Punjab border near Lakhanpur. The people living in new colonies not having their own conveyance are subjected to hardships due to non-availability of public transport and often they have to walk miles before reaching a spot to get a matador or a bus to reach their destinations. It is the duty of the UT administration to make public transport an attractive and everyday choice for residents as this will also reduce the pollution level of the Temple City because adequate and comfortable public transport attracts more people thus reducing the rush of private vehicles. The administration must design the service well which can overcome physical barriers as well because it has been seen that the existing public transport offers nil or negligible facilities to differently-abled. Though, it is said that Jammu is culturally very rich but in public transport women face much harassment in the absence of reservation of seats for the fair sex and if there are a few ones reserved for them, no one bothers to vacate the same for the women passengers. The government should introduce new routes for plying the public transport so that every nook and corner of the Jammu should be covered with mini-buses and buses commuting at regular intervals as this will also bring new opportunities for the youth to earn their livelihood as new avenues will come up with this step. The Government should also ponder for making the public transport more comfortable like allowing AC services, giving all the required services to differently-abled and by giving permits for ladies special, etc. low floor buses are also in vogue these days and this should also be tried in the City of Temples. This initiative can bring smiles on the faces of the people as the same will have multiple benefits and people belonging to all shades of life will get benefited out of the endeavour. The Government should mull over this issue as soon as possible to make Jammu a more lovable city giving basic facilities to its residents.

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