Make efforts to bring proper improvement in random routine


Vijay Garg

Why should you fall when you have to get up? A few days ago, while working in the office, an acquaintance fell. It was time for a break in the evening, but people noticed that they were lying unconscious on the floor of their room. His chair had also fallen! Obviously, the people present there were very surprised, because everyone seemed that they were not so ill that suddenly such a condition would have happened. Sitting around giving his co-workers a rough idea of his health There was information. However, people immediately ran and efforts were made to revive him. He regained consciousness when water was sprinkled on his face. Colleagues wanted to take him to the hospital, but he refused after regaining consciousness. He told that there was nothing to worry about, just that he had not slept properly for many days. Cannot sleep. Even after making a lot of efforts, he remains awake throughout the night. Perhaps he was a victim of insomnia. Actually, these days many people are suffering from insomnia. This disease has engulfed the metros. till now this disease is spreading in the villages also. Doctors believe that the modern lifestyle is the root cause. Eating untimely, going to bed late in the morning, consuming drugs, competing to earn more than the basic requirement for earning a living and worrying in vain have become a part of the urban lifestyle. All these things are separate and intertwined with each other. That’s why there is no way to avoid all this. It is good to reduce the requirements by being determined. Efforts should be made to bring proper improvement in random routine.Environmental pollution is also the second biggest reason. The smell of petrol-diesel and the stink of drains buzzing with mud keep floating in the urban air. In metropolitan cities, wet and dry waste collected from everyday use is stored in ‘dumping-areas’ away from the population. Not only the metropolis, but also the small towns are developing rapidly. Because of this, residential colonies have come up around the dumping area. The problem of stinky air is more in these colonies. The air is also getting badly polluted due to the increasing use of vehicles. of thisIn addition, noise from loudspeakers and electrical equipment cannot be ignored. Due to these, a strange tingle remains in the atmosphere. This tingle can be easily guessed when the electricity of the area fails for some time. A relaxed silence spreads around us. The voices of birds start being heard. The rustling of the wind starts to be felt. Even if a very tired person is sitting nearby, his heartbeat can be heard. economy in the use of electrical appliancesThere should be wisdom. However, troubled by insomnia, the acquaintance thought of seeing a doctor. After talking to them and settling some investigations, the doctor explained that they should not worry as they do not have any disease. As far as sleeplessness is concerned, they should not think that they are not sleeping. Thinking like this makes you sleepy and far away. We frequently switch sides and scoff at ourselves. Feel yourself helpless in front of sleep. Whereas the truth is that for sleep, only sleepHave to fall. The acquaintances were shocked to hear the doctor. After all, how is it possible to fall asleep! It is true that when someone suddenly collides with someone and falls, then people jokingly taunt – ‘Brother… what are you in sleep? See, let’s go!’ Seeing the surprised mixed silence, the doctor explained with a smile, ‘Look, as a man does not have to think about making love, he just falls in love. Suppose he falls in love. So don’t think, just fall into sleep. Be happy.’ I liked the reflective words of the doctor. FamiliarReturned assured. Thinking of logic says that only those who fall can muster the courage to rise. It is not possible to get up without falling. ‘Falling’ is the first and necessary condition to rise. That’s why those who want to rise must first practice falling. However, falling has its own fun. If ‘Jhumka’ falls in Bareilly’s market, the matter reaches ‘Saiya’. If a beautiful girl falls in a crowded market, even the goons of the locality run to pick her up showing gentleness. Although falling is also the law of nature.