Maharaja Gulab Singh’s contribution towards J&K exceptional: Vikramaditya Singh


Tributes paid to Maharaja Gulab Singh on his 200th Coronation Day


AKHNOOR: The contribution of founder of the erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir Maharaja Gulab Singh is unimaginably significant because unlike other rulers who changed boundaries of the country from within, this great monarch expanded India far and wide by conquering parts of China, Tibet and even Afghanistan.
This was stated by Vikramaditya Singh, Trustee of Maharaja Gulab Singh Memorial Trust and former MLC after paying tributes to the great Maharaja of the erstwhile State of J&K, Maharaja Gulab Singh ji while celebrating his 200th Coronation Day at Jia Pota Ghat in Akhnoor today.
Vikramaditya Singh said that about 200 years ago i.e, June 17, 1822, Maharaja Ranjit Singh administered the coronation of Maharaja Gulab Singh, who then became the first King of erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir State and substantially contributed in its development and ensured public welfare. He said that the great king was not only the warrior and able administrator but also a secular person as there was complete freedom of worship during his regime. He said that Maharaja Gulab Singh never forgot his roots and was approachable by the people.
Vikramaditya Singh emphasized that the contributions made by the founder of Dogra dynasty are immaculate and remarkable which make people of J&K to feel proud and contented.
Raising serious concern over the communal tensions, Vikramaditya Singh asked people of J&K to remain vigilant from the anti-national elements who are trying to create wedge between the communities for their vested interests. He appealed to the people of this Union Territory to maintain communal harmony and universal brotherhood at all costs to defeat their nefarious designs.
Earlier, the function commenced with paying of the floral tributes to Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Maharaja Gulab Singh by Vikramaditya Singh along with Martand Singh, Trustee of Maharaja Gulab Singh Memorial Trust, Sham Lal Sharma, senior BJP leader and former minister and K.P Singh, Chairman of the Maharaja Gulab Singh Raj Tilak Celebration Committee. The priests of the J&K Dharmarth Trust performed the rituals amidst chanting of Vedic Mantras.
Martand Singh, Trustee of Maharaja Gulab Singh Memorial Trust, said that one of the glorious states of India viz erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir State was established by not only Maharaja Gulab Singh but all the great ancestors of today’s youth of the region. The need of the hour is to once again come forward and work for the overall development of the region, he said.
“It is necessary that today’s youth show enthusiasm towards progress of the UT of J&K so that in the coming times people get more opportunities to celebrate similar glorious events and feel proud of being residents of Duggar land,” Martand Singh added.
Paying tributes to Maharaja Gulab Singh, K.P Singh, Chairman of the Maharaja Gulab Singh Raj Tilak Celebration Committee, in his address highlighted the importance of Jia Pota where historic Raj Tilak ceremony was performed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh for anointment of Gulab Singh as Ruler of Jammu. He threw light on the contributions of Maharaja Gulab Singh for welfare and development of the erstwhile state. He described him as a visionary, brave and great human being who provided justice to all and treated the public as his own family members.
Sham Lal Sharma, senior BJP leader and former minister, in his address, said Maharaja Gulab Singh took personal interest in the management of the affairs of the state. He restored order in his territories, reduced refractory chiefs and through remarkable campaigns connected Kishtwar, Baltistan, Ladakh and Gilgit. Various accounts of his intrepidity, heroism and meteoric rise constitute some of the most thrilling chapters in the history of India, he added.
The former minister pledged to alive the sacrifices and contributions of rulers of erstwhile state in near future also. Besides, he also appealed to the youth of Jammu region to play their vital role in reviving the lost legacy of Dogra valour during the past seven decades.
Yuva Rajput Sabha President Rajan Singh Happy, while paying tributes to Maharaja Gulab Singh, reiterated his demand of holiday on the birth anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh.
Zorawar Singh Jamwal, Chairman Team Jammu and Maha Mandaleshwar Mahant Rameshwar Dass also spoke on the occasion. Brig. J.S Rajput (Retd.), Member Secretary of Maharaja Gulab Singh Memorial Trust was also present.