Machhlian residents suffering due to dilapidated roads


Dear Editor,
Condition of roads in village Machhlian, Radha Krishna Mohalla is deteriorated to such an extent that it has become difficult to walk. The condition of the road which leads to Govt Primary School and ancient temple of Radha Krishna has become pathetic due to which residents are facing hardships.
The entire road stretch of temple road has become bumpy and there are numerous uneven patches in middle of road and lanes, making it difficult for residents even to move out. No black-topping has been done here from the past 25 years due to which condition of the roads is pathetic.
Roads in our area have deep pits and pot-holes which are posing grave threat for residents. The condition of streets is so poor that it is hard for residents to move out. The situation becomes worse when it rains and we feel that we are living in hell. The condition further deteriorates during evening hours, making it almost impossible for children, women and old-aged people to come out of houses.
Moreover, there are no dustbins here in our ward due to which people are left with no other option than to throw waste on roads and in drains, which are always filled with filth and there is smell all around. It seems Swachh Bharat mission is limited to cities only and is not meant outskirts where we are forced to live in mess and no one is ever bothered about it. We, Residents of Radha Krishna Mohalla cannot describe in words the complexity we are facing due to apathetic approach of the concerned agencies, who despite repeated reminders did not pay any attention towards difficulties faced by people.
It is sad to say that no one bothers to take stock of problems faced by the residents of the area. We have complained many times but it seems that concerned agencies are in deep slumber and least bothered about our problems.
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to give a last reminder to the concerned agencies to pay attention towards the problems being faced by the residents otherwise we would come on roads and protest against all this.
Residents of Radha Krishna Mohalla,
Village Machhlian, Jammu.