Loudspeaker nuisance during exam days


Shyam Sudan

As we know examination for different board classes is going on or about to start now a days. Examination days are very crucial in the life of students. Because it is the time when the struggle of every student is on stake. Student generally work hard all the year for this purpose.There is already a lot of damage caused to students study due to covid pandemic. Last year they got mass promotion in their classes, which was not a good option for them. In this year Board has decided to curtail the syllabus and content for them in exam.This is also a compulsion for us because it is not a good option in terms of teaching learning process. During examination days mostly students suffer from the various kinds of psychological pressure. A proper guidance and counselling is needed for students to get rid of this psychological pressure and frustration. There is an examination phobia among students for their exams. No doubt a timely motivation and guidance works at lot for them at this time, but despite of proper guidance and motivation there is need of congenial atmosphere for students during these crucial days.A peaceful and isolated atmosphere plays a very pivotal role for students in their study. But sometime students face lot of troubles and nuisance from their surroundings due to careless attitude of society. One of the main reason behind this disturbance is the loud sound of different music systems or PA systems. Loudspeaker sound is the main nuisance creating source of disturbance. Both in cities and in rural areas, people are suffering from this man-made devastation. People generally play these loudspeaker in full volume for different purposes at different hours of the day without caring for others. Mostly during the early hours of the day the sound of these loudspeaker create nuisance for others. No doubt we are living in a democratic country and there is equal rights for everyone to express their ideas and speech, but we should also think that no one is hurt by the habit of ours. Morning is the only time of the day when there is complete peace in our surroundings. Student can best utilise this time of the day for their study and concentration. But a sudden loud sound of these music systems generally create hurdles in their concentration and preparation for exams. On the other side we see that there are some sick and elderly people, who suffer from different health ailments and need rest.
They are resting in the morning,but suddenly such kind of noise disrupts their sleep as well.Some young children also wake up to such noise and create disturbance for whole family. No doubt the teaching of different religious institutions, play a very postive role in shaping the personality of an individual.But we can’t compromise with the education of children at the time of their exam. Some people generally play these loudspeaker for their personal taste and amusement early in the morning. They generally show that they are more religious as compared to others ignoring the interest of others.We should take care that our entertainment does not cause headaches for others. Our first priority should be the children of society as they will be our future of tomorrow. We should try to assist them in their struggle and preparation rather then to create trouble for them. It is the duty of every responsible and educated citizen of every society to think over this issue unanimously. However government has issued various guidelines and warning for such kind of nuisance creating elements. But few ignorant people don’t pay any heed to such warnings and guidelines.
Many time people don’t complain about such people because of their relations, however it is illegal to play loud music at late hours of night. Even there is ban on loud music in marriages and other parties in urban areas. But in rural areas this bad custom is still prevalent.
In rural areas some ignorant and illiterate people generally start this loud music near to various education institutions. It is a very serious issue and needs to be addressed on priority basis by all the native of that area. Due to rapid industrialisation and vehicular movement there is already so many noise in our surroundings. And this kind of extra noise create more harm for everyone.
However there is a clear-cut direction from supreme court of India that no one can play loud music during night from 10 pm to 6 am, but in villages mostly people play these loudspeaker before the prescribed time, which it is a serious violation of the court order as well.
We should always do such work in our society, keeping in mind that the interests of others are of paramount importance and we must not harm them. Pollution Control Board should take some stern action against such kind of irresponsible people in the society.As citizens we should stop tolerating nonsense and step up to take action both for our own and own community to have peaceful a neighbourhood.