Lost purse containing cash, ornaments restored to owner



Nowshera: Police on Wednesday recovered a lost purse containing cash and gold & silver ornaments and handed it back to its owner.
Police said that on April 6, 2021 evening, a complaint was received from a woman wherein stated that she had lost her purse somewhere in Nowshera market, containing a gold Mangalsutra of 4 Tolas, a gold chain of 2 Tola, 4 silver anklets and cash amounting to Rs 9,000 having total value of Rs 3 lakh approximately.
Police added that immediately after receiving complaint, a special team led by PSI Rajat Sharma under supervision of SHO Pankaj Sharma carried out a meticulous scrutiny involving retracing route of woman and examining CCTV footage from several places in and around market area where the complainant had lost her purse. During the course of enquiry, the police team was able to zero in the location where the purse had been lost. Thereafter, the location was circulated among public, appealing to come forth with any information likely to lead to recovery of lost purse. Within a short time, a Samaritan came forward and handed over lost purse to Police Station Nowshera, with all contents intact, which was further handed over to the owner.