Children are forgetting to talk, play, jump and read after getting mobile, computer, laptop. It is not understood that how to take back the mobile which was caught in his hand during the Corona period? Earlier, where children used to eagerly wait for the bell of their sports in schools, used to look forward to painting, drama, music competitions and all kinds of activities, now they are not interested in these activities but only in the screen of any electronic device. On the one hand the children they have such state-of-the-art techniques in their hands, and on the other hand, they have to be victims of various kinds of crimes continuously. These include sexual crimes, economic crimes and all kinds of cyber crimes. In nuclear families, most of the parents are busy in their day-to-day work, because there is compulsion that if they do not work and have a job, then how will the house run, how will the children be brought up. That is why most of the children of such families are dependent on day care centers or helpers. Absence of grandparents in homes made the children even more lonely What is it? After all, how can children talk to their parents who are busy day and night? Many times it happens that the child wants to say something, insists on something, then in order to listen to his problem, instead of solving it, he is coaxed with a chocolate or a toy, or scolded and silenced. Are being given. In most of the crimes against children, the same thing comes to the fore that they could not tell their parents about the crime in time. Many times children even commit suicide due to fear of criminals and parents They keep on regretting. The stress and quarrels of the parents also have a very bad effect on the children and they cannot get out of the bad memories of their childhood for the rest of their life. Experts say that parents should never fight in front of their children, but in families where parents separate, get divorced, children are more likely to be in trouble. How can their problem be solved instead of being ignored or scolded? How can they escape the violence? How will children be free from the problem of loneliness? Some suggest that if orphanages and old age homes are combined, the loneliness of children and the elderly will be reduced.