Lone Star refuses to release player despite requests



JAMMU: The first club to turn professional from Jammu and Kashmir, the Lone Star Kashmir FC has become lesser important side for the top players to stay with.
In one such recent incident, Nadeem Bhat, on getting an offer from the departmental side of AG’s Office XI to play for them in the ongoing Real Kashmir Cup, applied for the NOC, which the Club refused to issue.
Bhat submitted an application for NOC with the Club Manager, Fahad on December 26 and his plea remained unheard.
“It has become difficult for me financially to continue my stay with Lone Star. I have an offer in hand from the AG’s office to join the team. Unfortunately, the Club asks for Rs 50,000 for my release,” alleged Nadeem.
However, on being contacted, Lone Star Kashmir FC Manger, Fahad said that the club cannot release a player mid season that too under such circumstances when the player is going to join the opponent side in an ongoing event.
Quoting a contract clause, the Manager said, “During the contract period, the players will not be allowed any transfer nor will any NOCs be issued.
In case of any such requests, the player shall have to pay a club release fees of Rs 50,000 as penalty. This clause will be void in case any player gets an opportunity in government department. If he gets offer from a department with confirmed appointment the penalty is waived off.”
On being enquired, Nadeem was not in possession of confirmed appointment order from the AG’s office to join the team.


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