Live Today, Love Today!


Living fully in the present; Mohanji gave clarity to many aspects of our everyday life. He just held up a mirror to ourselves, for us to see who we are, what are we doing and where we stand in life!!!

It feels like time is rushing past, like I’m always on the go. I have too much to do and so much on my mind. I am also witnessing a wide array of emotions – up, down, up, down, like a rollercoaster. What does it mean really to live fully in the present?
Mohanji:”A: Today. This moment. That is all we have. This moment is our property. We are custodians of this moment. We cannot own anything. We can only use this moment. We can live this moment using our intellect or our emotions. If we use our intellect, we save ourselves from further agonies. If we use this moment emotionally, we invite further agonies associated with emotions. We do not know our tomorrows. What will happen? Who knows? We assume that everything will be fine. We assume that all the people whom we love will be with us. We assume everything. Does our assumption become right all the time?
So, Live today. Love today. Live this moment to the fullest. Live this moment without Guilt, fear or anxiety. Live this moment fully, with the clear understanding that we do not own our morrows. The sun is shining today. The dew drops are glittering. Nature is beautiful. Enjoy it today. Do not sit inside the walls of your own mind, nurturing your fears, anxieties and sad thoughts.
Get out of your cage and enjoy the nature today, just like an innocent child. Inhale the fragrance of the flowers in the garden. Sing with the birds. Relish the love and protection of the mighty trees. Feel the grandeur of the mountains. Adopt the persistence of the waves of the oceans. Enjoy the soothing love of the caressing moonlight. Be blissful with Nature and feel your blessings. Divinity is in its full regalia, all around you. Look around. FEEL. So, Live today and Love today.
Maybe what we did today hurt someone unintentionally. We are humans. We make mistakes. Correct it, apologise and move on. Whether the other person accepted your apology at that point in time or not, does not matter. You apologised sincerely and you move on.
Others will understand you and follow your sincere love sooner or later. Expectation leads to sorrows. Never expect. Never mind. Do not postpone a word or an action. Live today and Love today.
Maybe my moves were all wrong today. I could not perform well today. It does not matter. When you understand and recognize the wrong moves you made, you also recognize what is right. Understanding is important. Corrective steps are spontaneous. Remember, life is all about the experiences. Everything is about experiences. Nothing else but experiences. Enjoy each experience without guilt. Never blame yourself. You are a human being.
Human beings tend to err. A child falls many times before it learns to walk. It must keep trying, ignoring the falls, otherwise, it will never walk. A child is ignorant that the society considers falls as failures. It is blissfully unaware of that. A small child fortunately remains unconditioned by the society till it reaches a few years on earth. If we ignore consciously, or if we are unconsciously ignorant that failures of life are unacceptable to the society, life is smooth. Ignoring failures with full awareness is a beautiful state indeed.
Success and failure are part of our existence. Accept your mistakes gracefully and walk boldly towards the next opportunity to test your mettle once again. Nobody is ever a failure.
The other side of success is failure. Failure leads to success, just like pride over success, and the associated ego, definitely leads to failure. So, live your failure and success with ease today, love it today.
Maybe I feel sick today. I will be fine tomorrow. Maybe I indulged in food today. No problem, be careful tomorrow. Accept today as it is. Do not judge or criticise.
Live today, Love today. We never know about our tomorrows.