Let’s salute our real superheroes


Malu Sharma

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread around the world, doctors, nurses, paramedics, and emergency responders of every kind stepped up to take care of others. They’ve chosen to be there for us in our hour of need, sacrificing their own health, safety, and even the ability to go home to be with their families at the end of long, scary, and difficult shifts. That’s the true definition of heroism. STATE TIMES salutes all the real heroes and in this initiative will share their experience and their stories.
Sister Tahina Kouser in GMC&H, a real hero, is performing her duty in GMC&H and is directly dealing with COVID patients. With a smile on face, wearing PPE kit and full faith that we can overcome and win this battle, she is performing her duty with full dedication, day and night to save lives.
While talking to STATE TIMES, Sister Tahina said, “I am a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter and I have full faith that with awareness, precautions, cooperation and support we will win this battle. I am working in ICU from the last 12 yrs and many other sisters like me are working here day and night to treat patients. We have not been to our homes, not meeting our families and working here, just to make sure that no one is left without care and treatment.”
“We are trying our best to treat patients and save their lives but sometimes it becomes unbearable to see increasing number of deaths. It is torture working in PPE kits but all our staff, paramedics and health workers are performing their duties in this scoring heat. We give our 100 per cent and try our best to take care of patients and save their lives. Daily, we pray yo God to save all from this virus,” added sister Tahina.
Tahina further shared, “My family is my strength and with their well wishes and support, I am performing my duty here. I too want to spend time with family but I know that situation is fatal and patients need care. It is heart wrenching when any of our colleagues or any patient, we are taking care of, dies. It’s hard to handle such difficult situation and I salute all my staff and colleagues who are working day and night and are fighting with this situation.”
Through your medium, I, Sister Tahina would like to say that here in hospital we, all the doctors, nurses, health workers and paramedics are performing our duties with full dedication and we hope the same from people that they should behave responsibly and help us in fight against virus. People need to have faith and should behave responsibly. Follow guidelines and take precautions and do not pay heed to rumours and do not spread negativity. Help us to help you.
In last I would say that with proper precautions and faith we will win this fight. Lets recite, “We shall overcome, we shall overcome some day, deep in my heart I do believe that we shall overcome someday.”