‘Let’s put up a brave fight’


The global scare about the novel coronavirus Covid-19 has brought life to almost a standstill in many countries. Such viruses, in one form or another, have been with us through eternity. We inhale them; they enter our system all the time, but most times, our body’s immune system nullifies them. But, when our immune system is down or compromised, then,t hey create diseases like flu and dengue.
In the case of the virulent Covid-19, our immune system is not yet fully equipped to nullify it. This is because our body has never encountered it before. Eventually, our immunity will become stronger, but that will take time and meanwhile, a lot of people may die. Stress is a major factor that compromises the immune system. Whether stress is because of lack of sleep, worries, fights or any other conflict, it creates fatigue, both in body and mind, and has tremendous negative effect on our immunity. The present competitive world also puts pressure on individuals all the time. Over-achievers and ambitious people have more stress since they are pushing themselves to achieve their goals, expending precious nervous and physical energies.
Unsustainable lifestyles are another contributor to human vulnerability and low immunity. With technological advances that simplify manual labour, we are becoming lazy and obese. Scientists say that obesity is an inflammation of the body and severely compromises the immune system. Hence, the ability to fight off old and new toxic viruses is getting diminished in many of us. One of the best ways to reduce stress is by developing a healthy and emotionally stable brain. Large numbers of studies the world over have shown that a healthy and emotionally stable brain helps reduce stress.
India’s yogic system, through the practice of pranayama and meditation, is one of the best ways to keep the mind calm. The practice of sanyam, as enunciated by Sage Patanjali, where one concentrates on a single thought for a long time, helps in focussing the mind, relaxes it and brings in general calmness, happiness and peace.
Anil Rajvanshi