Lessons of 2020



As the clock struck midnight on the eve of New Year’s, wishes began pouring in – ‘wishing your family a happy new year and a great year ahead’. Well, when 2020 began, it was like just another calendar year and we were all getting used to writing ‘01.01.2020’ instead of ‘01.01.19’. A couple of months passed and then came the ‘COVID-19’followed by the ‘total lockdown’. Well, this lockdown has shown us the flip side of life; if you ask me how, I’d say all of us learnt the meaning of work-life balance, where you’re working from home and working for home! Kids got bored, parents were busy, elders had no choice and in between all this chaos, some of us had panic attacks and emotional disturbances. Unquestionably, the year 2020 not only changed on calendars at our homes but it changed practically with some astringent effects in our lives. The year 2020 thrown a bag of wrenches into everyone’s plans. For better or worse, year 2020 have changed us. And now looking back we can see the lessons we have learnt about health, resilience, community, human power etc that will hopefully stick with us for the rest of our lives. Almost everyone must have walked off from the experiences from 2020.
Value of simple things (Never take anything for granted):- Could we have ever imagined that basic necessities like breathing normally (with no mask on) freely moving around, social interactions(not the virtual ones) etc would become luxuries? We learn to value, utilize and enjoy everything we have, even the simplest things. You never know when necessities become luxuries.
Strength of human potential:- We have colossal capacity to fight whatever it may be that comes our way. All we need to do is to choose to focus on our potential to accept, adjust, adapt and thus conquer, than to focus on our helplessness. Paying attention to our impotence only makes us more helpless. Switching over to our strength helps us to deal with any challenge and even overcome it.
If there be one thing that keeps us going and we should never lose, it is hope. Everything we may have lost can be recouped and we can bounce back if we maintain hope.
Meanwhile the principle of being positive cannot be toxically applied to anything and everything. It is so painful that so many had to lose their dear ones due to COVID-19 and that is an irreparable loss.
Humanity is not dead:-The pandemic showed us how there is so much goodness still existing in the world. So many wonderful souls walked the extra mile, made personal sacrifices, extended themselves to serve others without any cupidity (in small or big ways) thereby hosting the flag of love,
kindness and humanity high.


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