Leaders of Gupkar Gang misused development funds : Manoj Tiwari

BJP MP Manoj Tiwari addressing a public gathering at Akhnoor on Monday.


AKHNOOR: Leaders of Gupkar Gang misused funds meant for development of Jammu & Kashmir, said Manoj Tiwari (MP).
Maha Mandleshwar Sant Rameshwar Dass ji Maharaj, BJP District President Jagdish Bhagat, Manmohan Singh, Surinder Choudhary and other senior leaders of BJP were also present in the rally organized at Kour Mattu village in Akhnoor.
Manoj Tiwari, while addressing the rally attacked the leaders of Gupkar gang, for they have always contested elections just for their own benefits. He said that they were never wanted these elections to be in place and that these DDC elections are only possible due to the sincere efforts by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Tiwari said that all the money sent by Modi ji for the development of these constituencies must be utilized fully without any corruption and for that people must vote and elect the BJP candidates in these DDC elections. Speaking on the Roshni effect, he said that these corrupt politicians have done corruption of 25000 crore and benefit in peanuts was delivered to the common masses grabbing all the prime lands on the names of their own, their families and near and dear ones. He said that this much amount could have ensured much development on the roads, infrastructure and what not in these cities of Jammu & Kashmir.
Manoj Tiwari claimed that BJP has ensured that everybody is treated as equal in its schemes following the mission of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwaas”. Nobody will face any corruption, joblessness or homelessness in the Modi’s vision of New India, he said.


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