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KVK Reasi sets-up hydroponics system


REASI: Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Reasi under the aegis of Directorate of Extension, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu (SKUAST-J) is promoting and guiding the people on the hydroponics technology which is a very unique method for the production of fresh organic vegetables.
Many farmers, farm women, rural youths and officials are visiting the KVK, Reasi to observe the results of hydroponics technology demonstrated at KVK, Reasi campus. According to Scientist & Head of KVK, Reasi, Dr.Banarsi Lal ,hydroponics technology is very simple, labour and water saving and have the potential to attract the youths towards agriculture as their interest is declining towards this sector. He said that the demand of organic, safe and high quality vegetables is increasing day-by-day and through this technology one can produce the quality vegetables consistently under the controlled conditions. He added that through this technology plants get the nutrients in a uniform way and give outstanding results. He added that hydroponics technology is an efficient method of farming in modern era when the climate is impacting the agriculture.
Dr.Suja Nabi Qureshi, Scientist said that waste areas in the house can be utilized for the hydroponics as the crops are grown in the soilless culture. He added that the hydroponics system can be very useful to produce the organic vegetables especially in the urban and semi-urban areas. He said that the plants in hydroponics system grow at a faster rate as compared to those grown in the conventional system .He added that this system of farming is not affected by the climate, wild animals and other biotic and abiotic factors.
Dr.Gurdev Chand, HOD, Division of Plant Physiology, SKUAST-J said that in hydroponics technology we replace the soil and supply plants with all their nutrients requirement through water and a non-soil medium. He informed that the plants are grown in an inert substrate such as the perlite, coconut fibre, vermicullite etc. in the hydroponics unit. He added that nutrient rich solution is circulated through the automated electronic pump. He stressed on the commercial cultivation of organic vegetables in hydroponics as the crop gives better returns as compared to field vegetables. He added that hydroponics system is very effective to grow the leafy vegetables organically and even the people from urban and semi-urban areas can grow fresh organic vegetables by the adoption of this innovative technology.
He narrated that the hydroponics technique requires less space and has immense scope in future also. He also informed on the water use efficiency in the hydroponics system and said that even the landless people can also adopt this technology. He also guided on hydroponics system for fodder and aquaponics technology. He narrated that the hydroponics technology solves number of technologies such as lack of soil, space, water and even time. He said that hydroponics sysrem yields healthy, safe, fresh and high quality vegetables due to a variety of factors.

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