KVK Reasi promotes organic farming



REASI: Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Reasi under the administrative control of Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology-Jammu (SKUAST-J) is encouraging and technically supporting the farmers for organic farmers so that they can produce quality food and generate more income and employment even during COVID-19 times.
According to Dr. Banarsi Lal, Sr.Scientist and Head of KVK, Reasi, the cost of chemicals for agricultural use is increasing and it is difficult to mitigate the inputs costs for the small and marginal farmers so organic farming is the best option to enhance their income. He said that indiscriminate use of chemicals in the crops is causing different kinds of ailments to the human beings and also deteriorating the soil health so there is dire need of eco-friendly farming. He added that organic farming can be done with the minimum resources which are already available at farmers home. He said that KVK scientists are providing the technical support to the farmers and guiding them how to convert a chemical farm to an organic farm. He added that KVK is emphasising on the cluster approach for organic farming. He further added that organically grown crops are healthier than conventionally grown crops and are more profitable. He said that KVK experts are guiding the farmers on organic inputs preparation such as cow urine, vermicompost, Panchgavaya, fermented butter milk, Beejamrit, Jeevamrit etc. for organic agriculture. He informed that KVK is also providing organic inputs such as vermibeds, neem cake, neem oil, pheromones traps, sticky traps, biofertilizers etc. to the farmers. He also discussed on the crops rotation and sowing of leguminous crops to increase the fertility of soil.
He also said that KVK experts also guide the farmers for the organic poultry, organic honey production, organic dairy farming, organic horticulture etc. It is worthwhile to mention here that farmers of Talwara and adjoining villages in Reasi distt. are producing the quality organic vegetables and many new farmers are coming forward for organic vegetables cultivation after observing the results of successful organic vegetables growers of the area.


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