KPS welcomes Dattatreya’s remarks on KP’s return to Valley


Jammu: President, Kashmiri Pandit Sabha Jammu, K.K Khosa welcomed the statement made by Dattatreya Hosbole while addressing the diaspora of the community that the GoI is committed to ensure the return and rehabilitation of KPs back in the Valley with dignity, honour and full sense of security.
He appealed to the GoI and the Union Territory government to take Hosbole’s statement seriously and frame a pragmatic and viable return and rehabilitation policy in consultation with the cross section of the leadership of the community to know about the aspirations of the community which is living a life of refugees in their own country for the past three decades.
The call for celebration of the next year’s Navreh in Kashmir should not remain only in the domain of a rhetoric nor should such celebration be only symbolic in nature, he said.
The proposals for return and rehabilitation have to be comprehensive in nature and must address all the requirements which are necessary to ensure a life of dignity, honor, self esteem, self sufficiency, sense of security, ensured political empowerment, having zero chance of another exodus and after compensating the displaced Kashmiri Pandits in full measure for the losses they have suffered at the time of exodus and also during the past three decades, he said.