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KPs must petition UK Parliament to adopt resolution against Jihadis, Pakistan


Under the illusion of India still being its colony, the United Kingdom Parliament last week discussed three Indian farm laws with some Labour Party Members of Parliament arguing in a motion that democratic engagement and freedom of the press are fundamental rights and a positive step towards creating an India that works for all. The debate was held in response to an e-petition that had crossed the 100,000-signature threshold, required for it to be approved by the House of Commons Petitions Committee.
Encouraged by the debate, Campaign For Uyghurs (CFU), a US-based rights group has put the UK Parliament in catch-22 situation, by shooting a letter, seeking attention to, what they called, the most horrific human rights atrocities committed by China against the Uyghur people.
“Please open the doors, allow us to speak. Meaningful action is long overdue. If the UK fails to address this genocide with meaningful action, they will likewise fail their own conscience and the vow of “never again”, Rahima Mahmut, human rights activist wrote in the letter on behalf of CFU.
In a sarcastic note, she added, “I was so impressed to see the moral tone of the conversation surrounding the farmer protests in India. We hope to see this momentum carried for in bold condemnation of the atrocities against the Uyghur people, carried out by the brutal Chinese Communist regime. Now the ball is in the court of the UK Parliament. Will they take on the Dragon?
India has reacted and opposed the British move. The Indian High Commission issued a strong worded statement deploring the attempt to mislead the British Indian community. Back home in New Delhi, Foreign Secretary Harsh V Shringla summoned the UK High Commissioner to India and lodged a strong protest over the discussion and issued a demarch√© to the British High Commissioner Alex W Ellis, conveying strong opposition to the “unwarranted” and “tendentious” discussion on agricultural reforms in India.
What prompted the British Parliament to take up the issue of farm laws is no more a secret. The farmers’ agitation is essentially a motivated campaign to destabilize and malign India internationally, dethrone democratically elected government and to further the agenda of balkanizing the world’s largest democracy. The actors behind the move are well known. Holding of such a debate, therefore, is not a matter of surprise. However, there is a silver lining too in the mischief perpetrated by the enemies of the nation. If Ughurs can take a call by invoking the attention of the UK Parliament with regard to plight of the minority population in China what is stopping Kashmiri Hindus to petition for passing a resolution to name and shame Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism in the Valley 32 years ago, forcing nearly five lakh aborigines to be refugees in their own country? The crime of the Kashmiri Hindus is to be nationalists to the core. This has cost them hugely in terms of being hounded out, harassed and humiliated.
Supposed to be an intellectual community, the Kashmiri Hindus have failed to unfold the truth to the international community for over three decades. They have preferred to be ‘drawing room’ intellectuals than pro-active and conscious human beings. They betrayed their community by not rising to the occasion and getting justice for over five to six lakh refugees, known as migrants, by showing the world the dirty face of Jihad that has caused havoc with the community.
Forced exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from their homes and hearths is the biggest human rights violation of the 21st century across the world. This has never evoked attention of the so-called Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch or any other group or organisation championing the cause of fundamental rights. On the contrary, the perpetrators of their plight have very smartly marketed their false narrative and victimhood. With the help of pseudo secularists within the country and the Lutyens media, the Jihadis have succeeded in creating a false narrative which has gained currency over the years. The Jihadis are not only those who brandish guns but include all those who believe in a Jihadi ideology. In fact, the latter are more venomous and dangerous than the former. They all are being actively supported by Pakistan. This is needed to be exposed and Kashmiri Hindus have a role in it. To begin with, they too must petition the UK Parliament to pass a resolution against terrorism (Jihad) and Jihadi nation of Pakistan.



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