Khalsa Sajna Diwas celebrated with religious fervour


POONCH: Khalsa Sajna Diwas was celebrated in border town of Poonch with great religious fervour and gaiety. A number of programmes were held at various Gurdwaras but main Samagam was held at Gurdwara Sant Pura, Nangali Sahib under the aegis of Mahant Manjit Singh.
DDC Poonch Inder Jeet, SSP Poonch Dr Vinod Kumar, Sr Advocate Rajinder Singh, President DGPC Prof Narinder Singh, Vice President Surinder Singh Saraf and General Secretary Rajinder Singh were also present on the occasion. After accomplishment of series of Shri Akhand Path, the Kirtan Darbar and lecture session was held in morning, which continued upto 4 PM.
Raagi Jathas of Harcharan Singh, Sartaj Singh, Bhopinder Singh and Ranjit Singh of Digiana Ashram Jammu recited Gurbani Kirtan while Pracharak Prof Netar Singh, Prof Hardev Singh, Prof Nama Singh and Prof Narinder Singh highlighted Sikh History including birth of Khalsa Panth on this day in 1699 when Guru Gobind Singh gave ‘Amrit’ to ‘Panj Payaras’.
Mahant Manjit Singh also spoke on the occasion and advised Sangat to follow teachings of Gurus in their daily life besides helping poor and needy people. Guru Ka Langar was also distributed among Sangat.
Reasi: Guru Dera Baba Bandha Bahadur Sahib celebrated Khalsa Diwas (Khalsa Sajak Diwas) in the premises of Gurudwara Sahib with great religious fervour and gaiety in Reasi. On this occasion Ragi Jatha of Haryana recited Shabad Kirtan.
Dera Baba Bandha Bahdur Gurudawara Shaib informed that Guru Tej Bahdur Sahib celebrated Khalsa Diwas (Khalsa Sajak Diwas) with great fun. On this occasion Ragi Jatha of Haryana recited the Shabad Kirtan and enthralled the Sangat. Speaking on the occasion Gaddidhari S. Jatinder Pal Singh Khalsa Delhi wale said Khalsa Diwas being celebrated with great religious fervor. He said due to ongoing covid-19 crises, gathering of Sangat was very limited and confined by keeping in view SoP. Even then beside local much of the devotees hailing from Punjab, HP, Haryana, Delhi, Rajsthan and other parts of the country participated and took blessings of Guru Sahib. He said upcoming generation can never forget the prime scarification of Baba Bandha Bahdur Sahib while fighting with enemies. Later Vishal Bhandra was organised wherein large number of Sangat took Prashad and blessings of Guru. Beside Shiv Shankar Paba National Secy Bandha Bahdur Sabha, Pritam Bhyana of Rohtak, Bhupendra Singh of Chandigarh and many more from across state have participated.