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The frequency of smuggling bids by Pakistan using drones shows that the rogue nation is not in a mood to mend its ways and therefore Indian security agencies stationed along LoC and IB should remain vigilant at all the times to counter any of the nefarious designs of the western neighbour. In this context the BSF has shown grit and proved its mettle by foiling smuggling attempts by Pakistan on many occasions along the border which is spread across many states and the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The latest in the series is the foiling of another attempt of smuggling of contraband by engaging a ‘flying object’ coming from Pakistan in Punjab’s Amritsar Sector and by seizing heroin weighing over 7 Kg dropped by it in the area. The border in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab is volatile as far as ill-conceived designs of the Pakistan are concerned. It was alert BSF troops, who heard the humming sound of a flying object coming from Pakistan and without wasting even a jiffy, they engaged the object by firing on it and also illuminated the area by firing illumination bombs. As per Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), all sister agencies were informed and as soon as the BSF troops heard the sound of dropping from the flying object, the area was cordoned and seven packets of suspected heroin were recovered during a search operation conducted in the morning. BSF has the responsibility to guard 3,323 Km India-Pakistan borders as well as curb illegal activities like smuggling of contraband and Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) among other activities. It is not the first time that the vigilant BSF troops, despite adverse climatic conditions, had foiled the nefarious attempts of anti-national elements to smuggle contraband. BSF is committed in the fight against drugs besides securing the borders against the regular army of the crook Pakistan. It is highly praiseworthy that another attempt has been thwarted by the BSF to dent the interests of the country. There are number of similar incidents along IB and LoC in Jammu & Kashmir when Pakistan has tried to smuggle narcotics, arms and ammunition by using the drones and the worst instance was of June 27 last year when twin UAVs attacked Jammu Aerodrome with explosive leading to injuries to IAF personnel and damage to a building. The threat is still looming large though anti drone technology has now been installed at vital installations. There is dire need to remain vigilant against the enemy designs because Pakistan is not at all a reliable neighbour.

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