Kazmi welcomes release of welfare fund in favour of NoKs of deceased employees


Appeals to declare all employees performing essential/ Frontline services as Corona Warriors


Jammu: Apni Party Trade Union (APTU) J&K President Ajaz Kazmi on Sunday welcomed the decision of Government of Jammu & Kashmir for disbursement of welfare fund in favour of next of kins (NoKs) of the employees who lost their precious lives due to present COVID-19 pandemic.
Kazmi in a statement issued today said that he hailed this decision of Government but simultaneously appealed for doling out usual compensation in favour of their families as well by providing one job per family to tide over their deprivations as their lone bread earners have lost the battle of their lives due to this COVID-19 virus and left their families in distress and pain.
Kazmi said the Next of kins of employees of PDD or other departments who lost their lives during this COVID pandemic while performing their assigned duties be also given compensation and provided with usual jobs to eke out their livelihood.
Kazmi also demanded that the employees of all such departments like doctors, paramedical staff, Municipal corporations, PHE, PDD etc including daily wagers who are performing frontline and essential duties during this tough time braving all the dangers to their lives as well as to their families be declared as corona warriors and well be duly rewarded.
He further expressed that Journalists who are fighting insurgency and working under testing times for more than three decades be also treated properly and declared frontline warriors as they are doing a commendable job during all the times including time of COVID-19 pandemic also braving all odds.