Kashgar to Kashmir Shahraie Abrasim, mysteries unfolded



With every passing day of year 2021, mysteries of Kashgar to Kashmir Shahraie Abrashim (Silk Route) are unfolding while digging deep labyrinth of its chequered history. In sequel to conversion of this age-old spiritual Shahraie Abrashim of Kashgar to Kashmir to strange formation of Game changer route as CPEC, conflagrant and inexorable clouds of disaster are looming large on blood-soaked horizon. Macabre clouds circumscribing summits of Karakuram may endeavour a lot to conceal sprinkling blood drops but realistic analysis clearly indicate that coming days may very soon unravel true colours of sky? Therefore the debate and hideous significance of this CPEC route is assuming importance in all serious and research oriented forums all around globe.
The revival of erstwhile spiritual Silk route Shahrai e Abrashim now in pseudo name of China Pakistan economic corridor is a double-edged weapon to take over control of Pakistan on one hand and hit ethos of India and heterogeneous religious faiths from front lines.
The Communist Regime of China after historical research of the entire strategic belt and unknotting all silken threads of this erstwhile spiritual route have interwoven death trap of humanity in most novel way which may not only batter entire globe with horror but change colours of skies as well. The new CPEC has been carved out from centre of Xinjing (Kashgar) to Gawadar Port through Kashmir and Baltistan. It is not ordinary game changer but sound of equivocal & simultaneous death knell to all religious faiths including Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.
Historical records of Kashgar, Yarqand, Khotan, Takla Makan, Farghan Valley, Marvat ul Neher, Palmier hills and all around clefts of Karakuram ranges as well as Khanjreeb pass are obsessed with and scripted in rich mystic orders and divine spiritual dogma’s.
Spiritual History is witness that entire belt from Kashgar to Kashmir including Tibet were true abodes of Sufiyat since centuries dominated by pragmatic and liberal thoughts. All the true believers of spiritualism of different religions were fond of mutual coexistence.
The most ugly phase of recent history took exacerbated turn immediately after Communist Party of China took control of Kashgar with concomitant events of Second world war and subsequently annexation of Tibet the ambiguity of such expansions was abstruse for Geo political analysts. However gifting of around 55 k squire Kms of Saichen area including Karakurm belonging to Kashmir by Pakistan to China and endorsement of same by the then plebiscite leaders of Kashmir in Algeria in a clandestine meeting with Choen Lie the then Premier of China. The India is in record to protest against such territorial largesse by Pakistan to China and clandestine meeting of kashmiri leader with Chinese Premier in Algeria taken over by Wahabi radicals at that time, during the process of that deal. Even eye brows were raised at international level to find real intentions of China to consolidate its harmonistic sway on hydro rich territories of Kashmir, Kashgar and Tibet. The tragic realities are that protest from India as well as Kashmir lobby against such developments were not timely and vociferous. This Luke warm response from stake-holders of such precious territory and brazen expansion policies of Communist terror regimes of China encouraged Chinese Army during last 72 years to consolidate its basis on erstwhile gifted territories of Kashmir bargained by Pakistan with them for their economic gains. The communist strategy Gurus have carved- out and groomed up faithless Frankenstein in lap of these spiritual mountains.
To realise consequential repercussions of these nefarious faithlessness designs to erase all faiths to pave ways to establish dominant Hegemony of Communism the future of all ideologies based on spiritualism are bleak. Last 72 years track record since Moe tze Tung, of this communist regime is obvious. The recent records are pellucid proofs how they dismantled holy shrines of Hanafi sufiyat, Hindu and Buddhist archaeological sites and razed them to grounds not only in Kashgar and Tibet but all around both sides of silken route. Similarly first Temple of world since Adam era of Godess Nowha was damaged and Buddhist faiths were subjected to communist terror in Tibet.
All dreaded ideological steps taken during last 72 years by China to emulate strategy of faithless Changaiz Khan whose Savage Hordes too used Silken route to plunder faiths convey clear signals to all religious faiths. However China’s top diplomats have forgotten to comprehend the reasons how Chaingaiz doctrine resulted into fiasco.


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