JWTA seeks revocation of New Excise Policy; threatens Jammu Bandh



‘New policy will fail in few months, Govt will ultimately allot district wise liquor vends to outsiders,’ say JWTA members


JAMMU: Jammu Wine Traders on Sunday resolved to close wine shops for three days in protest against the New Excise Policy introduced by the Jammu and Kashmir Government without notifying Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of the brands. The Government on March 31, 2021 announced the New Excise Police, which is being implemented from April 1, 2021, Chairman, Jammu Wine Traders Association (JWTA) said, adding that the new policy is being implemented with some modifications like change in MRP, level of wine, new fee structure, etc.
If the government has decided to implement this new policy from April 1, why has it failed to notify MRP due to which wine traders are not in a position to sell their stocks available in their shops, he asked.
“Even today we are not in position to sell our stocks to customers without MRP, which is an offence as per the Consumer Act”, he added.
“We regret that we had voted for BJP,” said the JWTA chairman, adding that this new excise policy is anti-Jammu. Digvijay Singh, spokesperson of JWTA said the government has adopted step motherly treatment with the Jammu wine traders to eliminate local businesspersons from the trade and this would benefit the outsiders only. He said: “this new policy will hit the existing wine traders of the UT, snatching from them the right of earning livelihood.” New excise policy will fail in few months and the J&K Govt will ultimately allot district wise liquor vends to outsiders, said Singh. He further urged the Lt Governor to take a sympathetic view of the issues pertaining to wine traders of Jammu as their livelihood is at stake. The JWTA members said that the liquor traders are working as revenue collecting agents of the government and fully abide by the rules and regulations. “This grave issue is not of mere wine traders but is of their families, and the families of workers and others who are directly or indirectly engaged with the business”, Singh said.
The JWTA members urged the Lt Governor Manoj Sinha to take initiatives for amicable solution of the concerns and issues raised by the wine traders, otherwise they will be constrained to go for an indefinite strike.