JKPS Kunjwani conducts workshop on ‘First Aid & CPR’ for students



JAMMU: A first aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) workshop was conducted at JK Public School (JKPS), Kunjwani for students and support staff by Dr. Rajesh Gupta from Batra Hospital and his team.
The workshop was very inspiring, wherein Dr. Gupta delivered a comprehensive lecture supported with a self-explanatory PPT and practical demonstration with his teammates.
He stressed upon the importance of CPR, which involves both resuscitating a victim’s heart as well as his breathing. Lecture was followed by an interactive session and students asked several questions, which were satisfactorily responded by Dr. Gupta.
“Though in our country there is no data about choking deaths, an estimated 1.5 lakh deaths occur globally every year due to accidents alone. Heart attack and stroke account for the majority of deaths among adults, many of which can be prevented by initiating CPR on time”, Dr Rajesh Gupta, renowned Orthopedic surgeon said.
Students seemed to be very enthusiastic about the whole learning process. Some students exhibited their acquired learning with a live demo of CPR on a mannequin. Then the team of doctors presented a street play, which highlighted several features of the workshop, namely, the coinage of the term “Good Samaritan” by the Supreme Court for all those saviours who extend their best support to the people who meet with accidents; shifting the injured person to the sidewalk area; checking the pulse, putting the injured person in the right posture on the ground, making a call to Mobile police van for sending a QRT immediately, calling some people for help; giving CPR to the injured person till the rescue team arrives; and giving mouth-to-mouth & mouth-to-nose respiration as per the direction.
The workshop reached the culmination point with the acknowledgement and vote of thanks proposed by the Principal JKPS Kunjwani Rajesh Rathore.
He appreciated Dr. Rajesh Gupta for his easy to understand narration of life saving techniques. He applauded his team for making the presentation so engaging and cherishing.
Director JK Education Society Shashi Choudhary expressed her thanks to Dr. Rajesh Gupta and his team for sparing their valuable time and enlightening the students & staff on the life-saving techniques.