JKPCC hits out at BJP for complete failure in health sector



SRINAGAR/JAMMU: Appreciating the initiatives of Congress leadership Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to appoint a COVID Task Force of most experienced leaders besides cautioning the government from, time to time , about dangers of COVID Ist and IInd, JKPCC on Wednesday said that BJP government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi consistently ignored the concern shown by the Congress leadership thereby landing the country to disaster today.
JKPCC said that the disastrous situation facing country is due to several blunders of Modi government and now shifting blame on others and indulging in false propaganda through its blind followers , who fail to realise the pain and sufferings of the lakhs of citizens dying without minimum treatment.
Appreciating the Congress-leadership for appointing a team of experienced leaders to monitor the relief and rescue measures undertaken by the Congress party throughout the country through its cadres, the JKPCC has taken strong exception to the operation cover up and blame game started by the BJP cadres to hide the failures of the Centre Government.
The Congress party is on record of having reminded the centre government of its responsibilities in view of anticipated threat but Modi government not only ignored the Congress alarm but also ignored the warning signals by its own experts.
BJP was more interested in wresting away west Bengal than taking urgent measures to save the people.
The party’ said that when COVID was staging to come back, the GOI led by Modi exported vaccine to 93 countries and over 9250 metric tonnes of oxygen to Bangladesh and other countries, against the shortage in our own country.
This was most negligent and callous act and a blunder of BJP government.
Congress said that the doctors and healt workers are facing the brunt of lack of basic facilities to deal with Covid-02 even after more than one year to fill the gaps and create necessary infrastructure now apart from seeking help from entire world. The people in Jammu and Kashmir are dying for want of necessary facilities especially the inadequate ventilator supported beds and necessary manpower all around despite best efforts now by the doctors and the LG administration. The centre failed to monitor the health authorities to create the required facilities as a result there is acute dearth of facilities to meet the challenge.
The party lauded the efforts of doctors, health authorities and the health workers but they can’t meet the requirements of the situation and the number of sick patients. There are no ICU beds available in the premier GMC and other GMCs and mostly are occupied with heavy pressure on the management.it is all becoz of shortcomings of the system to deal with the situation of this magnitude. The BJP government and the ruling party have to own the responsibility of the casualties and sufferings of the people and must apologise to the victims and their families for the utter neglect and failures especially failing Jammu. The Congress- demanded immediate vaccination on priority basis to Jammu and Kashmir being a backward region with weak health infrastructure and facilities, a handout said.