J&K, its residents suffered due to dynastic politics, Article 370: Dushyant



JAMMU: J&K and its residents suffered due to the dynastic politics and Article 370, said Dushyant Kumar Gautam, BJP National General Secretary & Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha).
Dushyant Gautam was also accompanied by J&K BJP Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan, senior leaders Surinder Bhagat, Jeet Angral and others, while he addressed the media persons at BJP headquarter, here on Thursday.
“Kingship and hence Nepotism was ceased with the establishment of democracy in India giving rights to people to vote and chose their leaders, but the residents of J&K didn’t were forced to suffer,” Dushyant said and added that while the complete Rights were given to all the residents of India but only limited rights were there in Jammu and Kashmir. And this was due to the deliberate bad governance and Article 370 here in J&K.
He said that now with the total unison of the region, the J&K residents will also enjoy all the benefits and the rights that they must have enjoyed like all other Indians living in other parts of nation.
Dushyant said that today due to the good governance and strong policies, acceptability of Modi government has increased and we have brought good wins in Rajasthan, Bihar and other areas all over in India. India has developed a faith on Modi. Indians believe that India can strengthen only under the strong leadership of Modi.
He targeted Gupkar gang for all the mess in J&K and said that it has encroached lands, did unabated corruption and now giving statements to satisfy Nation’s enemy. He said that earlier, Congress made fun of every sentiment of needy persons while Congress submitted that people can have food in Rs. 5 or 10, they forgot that every person has certain other essential needs like medical emergencies, shelter, water, electricity, education etc., for these needs, Congress never bothered.
Gautam added that now only Modi only made specific schemes for the poor and needy for their specific needs keeping in mind those persons who actually needed those benefits.
He mentioned that once former PM Rajiv Gandhi himself admitted said that only 15 paise reached poor out of 1 rupee from the Centre, but now with “Jan Dhan account” whole 1 rupee reaches the target. This account is not there to make someone rich but to empower the poor.
Modi’s Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana helped the new mother, Beti Bacho Beti Padhao to help girl child, Mudra Bank loan for the youth in entrepreneurship, Aushmaan Yojna for the needy to take care of their health and these are just few of nearly 100 schemes especially targeted the needy community.


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