Jammu Kashmir Tibet Support Group formed



JAMMU: To support the cause of Tibet and raise voice against Chinese aggression on Tibet, Jammu Kashmir Tibet Support Group was formed on Tuesday in Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.
Announcing the formation of this group at a press conference here this morning, Phonsok Ladakhi, Regional Convener, Core group for Tibetan Cause-India, Northern Region (Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh), said this is the first such group in UT of Jammu and Kashmir.
He said this group will be led by eminent personalities of Jammu and Kashmir like Rajinder Singh Raina, former Doordarshan Director; Amjad Pervez Mirza, Retired IPS: Prof. Tsering Tundop; Darshan Nagar, Retired Bank Manager and others.
Addressing the press conference Phonsok Ladakhi and Rajinder Singh Raina highlighted the issues of Tibet like Human Rights Violations and environmental vandalism by the Chinese government.
They said Tibet Support Groups have mushroomed across India to support Tibet and there are around 140 Tibet Support Groups in India. Phonsok Ladakhi said the aim of this group will be to focus on creating awareness upon Tibet amongst the Indians through programs. Besides Tibet Awareness Lectures for students and intellectuals across J&K will also be organized. He said Group will promote the cause of Tibet and help the Tibetans to regain their basic human freedom, right and national dignity. “It will also put pressure on China to stop vandalism of environment by constructing huge dams and changing the courses of rivers flowing to other countries,” he said adding that it will pose grave threat of floods in these countries.