It’s election between ‘Maha Jhooth’ of ‘Mahajot’ & ‘Maha Vikas’: PM



KOKRAJHAR: Ahead of the third and last phase of assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public rally in Assam’s Kokrajhar on Thursday.
He said, “Football is very popular among youth here. If I have to speak in their language, I would say that the people have yet again shown a Red Card to Congress and its Mahajot. People of Assam trust NDA for development, peace, security of the state.”
Targeting the Congress-led grand alliance named Mahajot, PM Modi said that this is an election between the ‘Maha jhooth’ of Mahajot and ‘Maha Vikas’ of Double Engine.
Talking about the land allotment certificates given to the indigenous people, PM Modi stated, “From providing land pattas to over 3.25 lakh families, increase rates of workers to making life of women working in tea gardens, the NDA government has tried to bring all-round development in Assam.” PM Modi alleged that Congress never worked for the upliftment of tea garden workers while the NDA government has increased and doubled their wages.
Attacking Congress and AIUDF alliance, Prime Minister Modi asserted, “Congress has handed over its ‘hand’ and fortune to leaders of that party which had pushed Kokrajhar into violence. Congress is dreaming of coming to power in Assam with the help of those people whom it had saved for its vote bank.”
“Yesterday, the entire state of Assam saw in a video how the identity of Assam, the symbol of the hardwork of the women of Assam ‘Gamosa’ was insulted publicly. Everyone who loves Assam is hurt and angry after seeing those pictures,” said PM Modi while speaking in Kokrajhar
Speaking about the centre’s development work, the Prime Minister remarked, “Medical college is being setup in Kokrajhar at a rapid pace. A package of Rs 1,500 crore has also been provided for development.
Bodoland University, Central Institute of Technology, Bodoland Bhawan and several other institutions are becoming the identity of this region.”
“The government of double engine is essential for the continued development of Assam. That is, NDA government at the center and NDA government in the state. When strength of both will be combined, more work will be done,” he added.
The Prime Minister also highlighted that every poor family has been provided toilets, he said, “Now we are working hard on providing clean drinking water. Nearly 4.5 lakh tap water connections have already been provided. From railways, roadways to air connectivity, everything is being improved in this region today. Thousands of houses have been built in Kokrajhar for the poor and needy.” The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the NDA will form the government in Assam and said people have stamped the victory in the previous phase of polling.