Intrusion of wild animals in urban areas


Dr Sonalika Jamwal

With increase in cases of intrusion of wild animals into urban areas, bloodshed and human hunting by wild animals has amplified concern of human safety and well-being. But, who is responsible for the same? We all easily say that authorities are inactive or just incapable to manage animal menace and on the other hand many people just simply target wild animal’s natural instinct to hunt.
The world is busy focusing on problem but we all must first realize there is a basic blunder which we as humans, have done that in turn is causing these existing circumstances.
The world is created for number of life forms including various flora & fauna across lands. Every species had its needs and habitats to survive on the planet earth and when the access to basic resources becomes hard, the basic survival instincts come into play of any species.
Humans have encompassed a wide range of land on earth for their settlement and ease. The rapid speed of expansion of human invasion has caused drastic decrease in land of the Jungle.
Expanded Cities & Condensed Forest have resulted in fight by animals for their survivals. It was all fine until humans had their way for their survival but now when animals have come out for their survival it looks as cold-heartedness, ruthless & deadly but when humans kill animals for mere fun of hunting and their personal joy or sport.
Human beings are the only species who kill animals for fun. No other species on earth hurts another being just like that. It is always for need of survival to live.
Grasslands have been reduced, natural water resources have dried, climate change has resulted in decreased rainfall & melted snowcaps, so what options do we give to these poor souls to live on. Think it yourself. If you are kept in an enclosed area with no food, water & even shelter won’t you run to place who could give you possible things to survive on? Think of an animal, who enters a city. He is much more scared than us.
The horror of human are sensed and barred by animals the most and that is why they run away when they see people. But having no option to survive, it takes the risk of his life to come and hunt to ease his hunger. The answer is simple; we need to learn to co-exist. We humans don’t own the world nor the planet.
Until we realise that we need to respect the needs of resources of any other species, the importance of mutual existence and reduce our supremacy on this planet our own survival will be better. We are already facing results of climatic imbalance, increased heat, drying water holes, increased rain & floods & unpredicted weather changes, all a result of destruction done by humans.
Mother earth with its natural assets & animals have always been kind to us so now it our time to realise our mistake and somehow try not to do more damage, not just for God sake but for our own.