Insanitary conditions


Dear Editor,
Through the esteemed columns of your newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards bad and poor condition of cleanliness and drain system of our ward.
We, the residents of ward no 67, Muthi are facing problems due to poor sanitation and drainage system.
The streets are not swept regularly. The piles of garbage can be seen everywhere in our ward. Bad smell is arising from these refuses, which cannot be borne by residents.
These refuses have blocked the drain system very badly. The drain water is over-flowing from gutters and has turned into big pounds.
This mess is not only affecting badly the condition of roads but also creating problems for users. Pedestrians cannot cross the road and face a lot troubles while crossing the roads.This poor system is generating many fatal diseases. Our drains are chocked and during rain all waste gets scattered in lanes.
I, hereby, request that this matter should be taken in hand seriously by municipal authority. Some immediate steps must be taken to resolve this grim issue so that we can live comfortably.
Ramesh Gupta, Ward no 67,


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