Indian diets both scientific, sustainable


Consumers have the right to know – and we shouldn’t be discouraged by strategies like really small-point food labelling with no information that is of use to us.
Such a change in food consciousness won’t come a moment too soon. I’m very concerned about the rise in India of junk food and foods high in salt, sugar and fat now. India has developed a huge problem with obesity and food is a major cause of this. Where our food was once medicine, it’s turning into poison now. We should stop such consumption before this turns all-consuming.
Indigenous Indian foods are based on a mix of dietary science, locally grown crops and philosophy – ancient texts believed that food formed the basic part of a cosmic moral cycle. The four Vedas describe diverse grains – the Rig Veda discusses barley while others outline lentils and millets. The everyday Khichdi, made of rice and lentils, is mentioned in these canons Food science developed voluminously in India – according to ayurveda, food drives our physical, temperamental and mental states – therefore, a stable and healthy diet is essential.
(By Times Evoke)


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