Increased violence result of declining in cultural, social values


On an average, 1,109 cases of atrocities against women, 80 murders, 289 kidnappings and 88 rape cases are reported every day in the country. In a country whose ideals are Ram and Krishna, known for inclusive culture, there is so much crime and slander. In the country where people believe in ‘Yatr a Narayastu Pujyante Ramante Tatra Devtah’, How can crime against women increase so much? What are the reasons behind it?
India is a country where there was a brother like Rama who renounced the throne of Ayodhya to practice Putra Dharma. A brother like Bharata, for whom the kingdom of Ayodhya was like a particle of dust. Friend like Lord Krishna who had given Sudama his kingdom. There was a guru like Dronacharya who loved his disciple Arjuna more than his son. Hanuman, who despite being extremely powerful and intelligent, always devoted himself to the service of his lord, Bhagwan Rama. A wife like Sita who did not even see Lanka made of gold. A son like Shravan who continued to serve his parents till the last moment of life. A disciple like Eklavya, who donated his thumb in Guru Diksha without any grief.
According to the NCRB report, total 48,31,515 cases of crime were reported 2016. In the year 2017 crime cases increased and the total number reached 50,07,044. It increased once again in 2018 and the total number of reported crimes in the country reached 50,74,634.
The entire country recorded 18233 cases of rape 2004, 21,397 in 2009, 24,923 in 2012, 32,559 in 2017, 33,356 in 2018 and 32,033 in 2019.
In the year 2017, 28653 murder cases were registered which increased to 29,017 in 2018. In the year 2019, 28,918 murder cases were registered.
In 2016, there were 88,008 kidnapping cases which increased to 95,893 in 2017. In 2018, there was further increase in kidnapping cases in the country and 1,05,734 kidnapping cases were registered.
According to NCRB data, there has also been a significant increase in crime against women. 3,38,954 cases of crime against women in 2016, 3,59,849 cases in 2017, 3,78,277 cases in 2018 and crime cases against women in 2019 crossed 4,05,000.
2278 human trafficking cases were registered in the year 2018 and 2260 in the year 2019. The number of crimes against children in the year 2017 was 129032 which increased to 141764 by the end of 2018.
There was a feeling of celibacy somewhere in the Indian education system and culture. Along with good deeds, sin-virtue was included. There was tradition of respecting elders. For these reasons, the number of crimes incidents was extremely low.
Today no one is concerned about sin or virtue. None has no time to read religious texts like Ramayana and Gita and assimilate their teachings. If the people do not have time to sit with elders then crime will definitely increase. Has a student studying in Gurukul system been found to be involved in criminal acts? Has a person who knows Sanskrit got involved in crimes? Educated persons are more involved in crimes than illiterate persons; but there should be education for character building. Yoga, Spirituality, Gita, Ramayana should be made part of the education system. Indian culture should be made the basis of education system. One should have education for transformation of a person into a personality, only then crime will be controlled. The reason for increase in the number of crime incidents is social and cultural decline.
Prof. Vivek Singh


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