Immunisation of adolescents mandatory


Shyam Sudan
As we know the entire world is suffering from the COVID pandemic at present. COVID virus is rapidly changing its variant due to mass spread in human population.
Millions of people have lost their precious life on this planet due to this infection. Since last two years we are in very miserable condition due to the restrictions imposed on us.
No doubt such kind of restrictions are very mandatory for us because these precautionary measures plays a vital role in restricting this infection in human chain.
Now every nation is giving priority to immunization programme against this viral infection at their individual level.
We are also running the historic immunization programme against this pandemic. According to an estimate we have administered 140 crore doses of COVID vaccine to our population.
No doubt it is a giant figure, but for our population size still more is needed. Now the government has decided to vaccinate the adolescent population of our country. It was the dire necessity of the time, because our adolescents are without any protective shield so far against this viral infection.
Due to this reason all the educational institutions were closed for children. Due to closure of all education institutions across the country children have faced lot of trouble during lockdown period. However various online and virtual mode of learning programme are going on to mitigate the loss of children study but without functioning of education institutions these alternatives are not fulfilling the entire needs of the children. Now due to fear of omicron variant once again children are feeling very distressed and sad.
The only stable measure against this pandemic is mass immunization as early as possible. Taking the cognizance of this serious issue, now the government has decided to launch the programme of vaccination for adolescent age group.
Under this programme, firstly age group of 15 to 18 years will be covered on priority basis.
Sidewise government has also announced to give the booster dose to the aged population of our country.
This is also a very praiseworthy initiative from the side of health department because this section of society is very vulnerable to the diseases and other health ailments. Booster dose will help for such people in building their immunity against this viral infection. Both these age-groups are feeling very insecure for this COVID infection because they are most susceptible for these infections.
Now after the vaccination we can think for the opening of education institutions for the children. Earlier we have seen that people were not interested to send their children in school.
However there are great challenges for this mega immunization programme for children, because there are millions of school going children in this age group. Many are drop out and never enrolled in any education institutions.
To cover all the children in one go is very herculean task but the firm determination of the government and health department can implement this plan like previous one. The spread of this infection is gradually increasing day by day. In coming months there will be elections in many states.
This can add more problems for us. There is need to cover the entire population of those states on priority basis. Now people are once again living their routine life and forgetting the precautionary measures from their mind.
It is not a good thing for us because as we know precaution is the only measure to control any infectious diseases from human chain, face masking and physical distancing are very mandatory to combat against this viral infection.
We should adopt this strategy in our life only then we can get a desirable result in our favor. Otherwise once again we have to pay for this infection. Now there is proper facility in our health centers to meet any emergency problem, but for such a great population these resources become helpless if pandemic spread with rapid pace.
Aligned and coordinated efforts are needed for this immunization programme. It is the responsibility of every parent and guardian of children to come forward and help the health department in this direction.
Because we have seen that there are certain myths and fear for this vaccination in major section of our society.
Children usually hesitate to go for any kind of vaccination. It is duty of every civilized person to aware the children and misleaded parent for this vaccination drive with the unanimous approach and contribution of all we can win this battle of life. Never forget that our enemy is very strong, invisible and secular in nature. It can target every individual who is careless and ignorant. Carelessness of one can create problems for others in future.
We have to keep in our mind that nothing is so valuable in this world than our children. Because there is a well known saying that today’s children are future of tomorrow. Let’s all participate enthusiastically in this immunization programme and give our children a safer place to live and play.