Illegal parking goes unchecked


Dear Editor,
As illegal car parking goes unchecked, hundreds of private cars, bikes and commercial vehicles are parked on either side of main roads resulting in major traffic mess in almost every area.
Be it old city or in outskirts, residents complain that illegal parking creates hurdles for free movement of traffic and
People park vehicles on the both sides of roads without taking care of other people, thus putting them in inconvenience owing to traffic jams with hardly any space left for emergency vehicles.
Live example can be seen while moving from Kacchi Chawni to Indira Chowk road, where vehicles are parked on both sides of roads leaving no space even to move even a single vehicle in between the two. The situation is same in outskirts too. One can find vehicles parked in a random manner outside Malls creating problems for others.
One can see huge traffic jam especially during morning, afternoon and evening hours when vehicles are parked on both sides of road, creating havoc and confusion among pedestrians and persons driving vehicles, thus wasting a lot of time while passing through that stretch. It is unfortunate that the concerned department has turned blind towards this traffic mess. People are facing hardships due to it. It is often seen that men in blue ignore this and is only busy in challaning for helmets and seat belts. What is the real duty of traffic police? Is it only for challaning vehicles? The need of the hour is that they should deal strictly with wrong parkers who create problem for other commuters.
People should understand that road is a public property and if they need to park their vehicle they should do it in a responsible manner, so that others do not suffer due to their wrong parking.
S.P Singh,


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