Iftar party organised at Gurudwara Santpura Nangali Sahib Poonch



Poonch: Sikh community of Poonch on Wednesday organised Iftar Party at Santpura Gurudwara Nangali Sahib Poonch on eve of Baisakhi Festival, where a large number of Muslim took part and broke their fasting in evening. This programme boosted the communal harmony among religious and brotherhood, which is traditional in Poonch for decades.
Speaking on the occasion organizing committee of Dera Santpura Nangali Saheb said that this is an example of Hindu-Muslim-Sikh unity, which is tradition of Poonch and said a large number of Muslim brothers apart from different areas took part in this party and took Iftar.
Speaking on the occasion Muslims brothers, who were present on the occasion said that, they were invited by their Sikh brother to break their fasting for which they thanked them. The example of Muslim-Sikh unity has been set by Poonch Sikhs especially the organizing committee of Dera Santpura Nangali Sahab, which has been appreciated by everyone in Poonch.