Highest voting numbers reflect BJP’s commitment of strengthening democracy: Priya Sethi



RAJOURI: Former Minister and senior BJP leader Priya Sethi on Friday satisfaction over encouraging polling percentage in the fifth phase of ongoing District Development Council elections in Rajouri district, terming it as the change as deciding factor as far as mood of the electorate is concerned.
Addressing a campaign rally in Rajouri district, the former minister, who is also the Prabhari of Rajouri district, said that the encouraging polling numbers are the testimony to the fact that BJP has succeeded in bringing vibrancy to democracy at the ground level and people have started showing undaunted faith in the policies of saffron party shunning completely the support they earlier extended to dynastic political parties including Congress, NC and PDP.
The senior BJP leader asserted that Gupkar Alliance members are already facing factionalism syndrome as the PAGD has started scrambling and superiority complex which the dynasts in the amalgam have inherited is acting as the biggest bottleneck in smooth ride of this ‘unholy’ coterie. He said that people in J&K have understood well that only BJP can bail them out from the cobwebs of misery and uncertainty as they have already tried and tested Kashmir-centric political outfits and were disappointed each time.
Sethi stated that gone are the days when deceitful politicians used to befool people again and again making false and unattainable promises as electorate now is conscious enough to gauge the difference between right and wrong using their compass of acumen comprising experience and knowledge. She said that the highest number of voting polls showing that people of the Union Territory wants change and also having faith in the programmes and policies of the BJP.
The senior BJP leader said that DDC polls will change the course of rural J&K as these will ensure completion of three-tier Panchayati Raj and handing over power to people to be used in the best interest of one and all.


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