Have positive attitude


The standard of living varies from person to person. For some life is a gift of happiness, for some it is a struggle and for some it is just misery. Nevertheless, no matter what life may be like, we always need to keep a positive attitude. We should be thankful to God for all that life has given us so far. This will keep our mind calm and positive. We all know that in times of anxiety and worry, we are unable to do anything well. That is why it is so important to have peace of mind. The best way to calm the mind is to think about the things we have got in life, not the things we have not got. When we feel grateful for what we have received, we begin to feel good about ourselves. It is important to feel good because it will give us hope, strength, and courage that will make our future better and mitigate our problems. Due to these agility will come not only in our mind but also in our body. There may be a lot of troubles in our life till date but by thinking about them we only invite more troubles and sorrows while we should be thankful to nature for every moment of our life. If we feel we have nothing to be thankful for, look at ourselves for a moment. Nature has given us two very beautiful eyes with which we can see the sights of this colourful world. We have healthy limbs that we can use to work. Not only that, we have a roof over our heads and we get two loaves of bread. These are all things to be thankful for. However, the stark reality is that we have become accustomed to seeing what we do not have. Then the desire to get the same disturbs the peace of mind. When the mind is restless, a person is afflicted with various mental illnesses. We often say that the first times were good and People were happier and happier then. On the other hand in the modern age of course we have made a lot of progress but we have become more anxious than before, we have got various mental and physical ailments. The biggest reason for this is the change in our lifestyle. Our elders used to thank God before eating food. Whenever anything new was bought at home, the whole family would go to the Gurudwara and pay homage. People were always grateful for everything. Because of this good habit, they always felt that they have a lot, they have achieved a lot or are achieving a lot.
There was a hope for the future. This created contentment in the mind. The people of the past lived in peace, free from mental anguish. Speaking of today, people have become ungrateful. There is always something going on in our minds which we have not got, due to which the mind is disturbed anger, anxiety, restlessness surround us. I would like to say enjoy every moment of life to the fullest. Always have a sense of gratitude. If you are busy all day, just get up in the morning and thank God. Think of life as beautiful, and hopefully start working on a new day. Peace of mind will give us a new lease on life. We will not be caught up in the glitter of the world. We will begin to develop the qualities of patience with blowing up of many of our problems in the air.
Vijay Garg


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