Harvesting of wheat crop resumes in Kathua plain belt


KATHUA: Harvesting of Wheat crop has started early well before Baisakhi in Kathua plain belts by local Combine Harvesting Machines. Previously, this area was dependent on Men and Machinery (Combines) coming from outside after completing harvesting in Punjab and adjoining states and harvesting was delayed and sometimes huge losses occurred due to inclement weather.
But due to thrust on farm mechanization by Agriculture Department and provision of massive subsidy on Combine Machines and Reapers, timely harvesting and dependence on outside machinery and labour is a thing of past.
Chief Agriculture Officer Kathua, Vijay Kumar Upadhaya, who kick started harvesting operation by Departmental issued Combines in Palli belt of Kathua district said that with the initiative of Government of Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory and Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, the tally of Combine Harvesters in the district provided to the farmers on subsidy has reached to 5. This has been a great relief to the farming community dependent on outside labour and harvesting machines. COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to labour shortage. It is a matter of great relief and satisfaction that harvesting Operations have started well in time and farmers are expecting bumper harvest in irrigated food bowl of Kathua plain belts, though, Kandi belt is reeling under massive drought like conditions as there has been no rains for past 3 months and grains have shrivelled. He further stressed the need for water harvesting and micro-irrigation to mitigate crop losses in Kandi belt. To this end, Government has taken numerous initiatives for water harvesting structures and mechanisation in Agriculture sector to boost Agriculture economy. Numerous Custom Hiring Centres and Machinery Banks have been opened for providing services to the farmers in their villages.
The farmers present on the occasion expressed gratitude to Government and Department of Agriculture Production; Farmers Welfare. Others who were present on the occasion were Krishan Kant Subject Matter Specialist- DL, Pradeep Kumar Sharma SDAO Dayala Chack, Agriculture Extension Officer Palli, besides numerous sarpanches, panches, prominent farmers and department officers.