Happy New Year 2021


The turn of the calendar brings both the opportunity to reflect on last 365 days and the chance to begin planning for next year. The New Year is traditionally the time for resolutions but this year we must commit to achieve prosperity at an individual level and the society. The New Year 2021 won’t look entirely like year 2020 full of pains and crisis, but still there’s no reason to believe that the deadly virus has been completely
When we look at how year 2020 has gone, the dawn of a new year can’t come soon enough. The year 2020 will be remembered for wrong reasons for a longer period of time for the rise of COVID-19 pandemic and its outcomes. But we must also remember it for positive reasons for teaching us good lessons where we stand as a progressive world and what more needs to be done for our betterment. The year will be also remembered for bringing valour, commitment, courage and unity in this world.
The year 2020 has also reminded us how quickly organisations can also act in times of crisis. The pandemic forced many organisations to make decisions faster and become much more focused. There are many organisations that have had to give up their typical processes in favour of informal and improvised approaches. Organisations have improved data tracking and visibility to get the right information to the right people at the right time. Also they are using technology at best to target customer and client needs and have resorted to creative partnerships to quickly tap internal and external expertise.
Let’s begin this new-year by recommitting ourselves to the values of respect, unity, brotherhood, openness, and compassion. We live in a very turbulent and contradictory time, but together we can and must do everything for our society to develop successfully, so that everything in our life changes for better. There must be greater efforts in fighting deadly diseases. Every citizen must contribute to make this world Corona free. The last year has tested every leader and a more effective approach is needed by them. They must be willing to adjust the game plan as new facts emerge, and address challenges openly and optimistically, conveying empathy for their people.
Today most of the employees are working at home online. They must find ways to rest as it will boost their energy and will make them productive. This applies to the students also who are taking classes online. This year we must try to be organised and ensure our homes and surrounding is clean and tidy. Today heart diseases are on the rise. We must try to explore more hobbies in this New Year as it will keep us away from the heart disease. Let’s help the poor and needy and the strength of the society should not be measured on the basis of strength of the elites, but through how the poor citizens cope with their lives. We must learn valuable lessons from our past failures and move forward with safety, confidence and unity.
By Dr. Shahid Amin Trali


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