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Gupkar Gang, Mamata Banerjee propagate anarchy, death of democracy: Anurag


JAMMU: Union Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs, in-charge of Jammu and Kashmir DDC elections, Anurag Singh Thakur on Thursday said, “The Gupkar Gang and Mamta Banerjee propagate anarchy and the death of democracy. They are hand in glove with those spreading fear, hatred and disruption to public life.”
Thakur said, “The brazen, day light attack on J.P Nadda, President of BJP shows the level to which law and order situation has stooped in the state of Bengal. I condemn in the strongest words the attack by TMC workers on the President of the world’s largest political party. The CM of Bengal Mamta Banerjee has encouraged the brutal killing of hundreds of BJP Karyakartas. She has misused public machinery such as the police force for her political vendetta.”
“Neither is her ‘Mamta’ visible nor is she behaving like ‘Didi’ to her own people. She has lost the democratic right to lead the state, she must come clean why she is encouraging these anarchic, anti-democratic activities and attacks by TMC on her political opponents? How many more innocent political opponents will be slaughtered to allow her to cling to power,” Thakur said.
Thakur further added, “The Gupkar Gang is no less, they too have used political machinery for their political vendetta and benefits. They have encouraged those the bullet instead of the ballot, however its clear from the rising voter turnout that people have chosen the ballot at rejected their undemocratic boycott. Gupkar Gangs ‘Gundaraj’ has no place in India; PM Narendra Modi’s good governance is here to stay and will continue to spread.”
Thakur questioned the Gupkar Gang by asking, “how many innocents need to die for the Gupkar Gang to get out of their palatial houses? How many terror attacks will it take for the Gupkar Gang to stop their blind support for separatists? How many lives and livelihoods need to be lost for the Gupkar Gang to forget self interest for peoples interest of J&K?”
Thakur added, “The people of J&K are fed up of the politics of hate and want peace and prosperity. They want progress and a progressive agenda for their future. The BJP has made it clear that this winter will bury the divisive politics of Gupkar Gang and next spring will be a new dawn of development under BJP.”



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