Green Warriors of MS Swaminathan Club busy designing Flora Book of JKPS Kunjwani



JAMMU: As evident, JK Public School Kunjwani campus is one of the oldest schools of Jammu province known for its thick canopied, flower-bearing trees in every nook and cranny of the campus.
Principal, Rajesh Rathore applauded the teachers & students running the MS Swaminathan Club of Green Warriors for being on toes, unmindful of the ruthless Sun hammering blows on the anvil of their skulls from 12 noon to 1.20 pm on Saturdays.
He appreciated the members of the Club for being so engrossed in the assignment at disposal and for taking the brilliant initiative of naming every tree on the campus.
As shared by the Teacher In-charge Sheetal Khajuria, “Green Warriors’ have decided to enlighten all the students, teachers, parents & visitors regarding every tree on the campus. Student have adopted a few trees each, as per their choice. They are collecting details regarding their English, Hindi & botanical names. They are also collecting some general information regarding each tree including their medicinal importance. Amidst plethora of plants, children have gathered information on the plants, namely, Lemon, Araucaria, Bottle palm, Bougainvillea, Cycus, Mango, Rubber plant, Bottle brush, Thevetia, Tacoma, Laburnum, Papaya, Saru tree, Aamla, Jamun, Guava, Jackfruit, Alstonia, Ashoka tree, Neem, Bael, Arjun, Apple, Silver oak, Fish-tail palms, China rose etc”.
Reflecting on the brilliant work of Green warriors, Sumit Kumar, Biology teacher shared about the details of a few plants, like Blackboard tree or Devil Tree (Common Name) and Alstonia scholaris (Scientific Name).
General Description: Alstonia is a widespread genus of evergreen trees and shrubs of the family Apocynaceae. The leathery, sessile, simple leaves are elliptical, ovate, linear or lanceolate and wedge-shaped at the base. The leaf venation is pinnate, with numerous veins ending in a marginal vein. Phyllotaxy is whorled.
Uses of the plant: Alstonia trees are used in traditional medicine. The bark of the Alstonia constricta and the Alstonia scholaris is a source of a remedy against malaria, toothache, rheumatism and snake bites. The latex is used in treating coughs, throat sores and fever.
Rubber plant (Common Name), Ficus elastic (Scientific Name)
General Description: Ficus elastica is a species of flowering plant in the family Moraceae, native to eastern parts of South Asia and southeast Asia.The trunk develops aerial and buttressing roots to anchor it in the soil and help support heavy branches. It has broad shiny oval leaves.
Uses of the plant: The crushed aerial or adventitious rootlets are used for healing wounds, cuts and sores. The crushed bark is used to check bleeding of wounds. The latex is recommended in decoction, for parasitic worms.
Principal wished good luck to the Green warriors from MS Swaminathan Club for designing the Flora Book of the school, wherein they are covering all the plants.
They have decided to collect all the relevant information regarding every tree and its laminated print out on A-4 size sheet to be affixed near each tree. What a compendium of knowledge in the offing for every visitor to the beautiful campus of JKPS Kunjwani.